March 15

{ Please Help } For Japan With Love… Update

You all are so amazing. The support from the blogging world has been far beyond what we at UtterlyEngaged and Ever Ours had ever imagine. There are SO many huge and giving hearts.

We are getting a little overwhelmed with so many inquiries. So we have decided to just have this here as our official detail blog post about For Japan With Love.


There are two parts to it.


For Japan With Love has a direct link on the website to our fundraising page for ShelterBox. ShelterBox was one of THE first organizations asked by Japan to help and were on hand on the Saturday after the quake.  Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.

Please check it out and whatever you can contribute will be so appreciated.

Bloggers Day of Silence:

Anyone that has a blog can help out with this one.

The aim is just raise awareness and respect and acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan.

The guidelines are simple.
1.  This coming Friday, March 18th, no posts at all on your blog.
2.  Please post a blog post about what you will be doing this Friday whenever possible in hopes to spread the word and whoever else would like to join in. You all can check out what Lydia of Ever-Ours did for her’s here or how we did ours here and do it your way if you’d like.  We’ll be posting a reminder post on Thursday evening on my blog too.
3. Tweet and Re-Tweet the shiznit out of the link to please.
4. Encourage your readers to contribute to donate shelter to Japan.
Whatever anyone can contribute will be appreciated.
Every little helps.

Feel free to ask other bloggers you like to join in on this.  Whatever impact we can make will be so awesome.

If you’d like to join in, please leave a comment with your blog name and a link too. We would like to acknowledge who will be participating and give them our thanks. Grab the flyer above and either of the badges below and feel free to use it in your post.




If you have more questions, feel free to email and/or

Thank you so much for all that everyone has done so far. It’s been completely amazing and so awesome to watch. Feeling so thankful to have such great support out there.

Again, if you’d like to participate in the Bloggers Day of Silence this Friday, March 18th, please leave a comment with your blog name and link. Our Thursday evening reminder post will consist of everyone involved.


Henny & Lucia

categories BLOG LOVE



Rashana Anderson

Our blog, After YES Before I DO & Everything In Between (the official blog of THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC), will be participating in the Bloggers Day of Silence! You can find us at

Rashana Anderson

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle

Thanks so much for setting this up ladies! I’ll deffinetly be participating.


I’m in.


I’ll be participating too!


I’ll be participating in the bloggers day of silence.


I’ll definitely be participating…Well done for organising :)

Sarah @ Hip Ink

The Invitation Blog will definitely be participating -

Jenna @ Heartcarry Press

You guys are amazing. Please put us on the list, we’ll be partcipating-

Susie Ostrowski

This is really wonderful — thank you for organizing this. On to Baby will be participating:


I just wrote you an email. I am participaing & I have a blog set up tomorrow to explaine what its all about. I hope that it helps raise funds for the people of Japan.

My blogs name is Simply Simon and is at

Thanks for organizing this ladies! Your hearts are big :)


Thanks so much for doing this…The Classy Turtle will be participating.


so great for doing this! The Classy Turtle will be participating!

People St. Clair

count me in Pretty Little Things (

Alli McWhinney

I will proudly be participating

Alli McWhinney

Sorry, forgot to put my blog name: Alli McWhinney Photography. Thanks!


wow, would love to participate! moncrief photography

Bubby and Bean: Living Creatively

We will absolutely be participating.

Bubby and Bean: Living Creatively

Thank you so much for putting this together.


Jenna Blackwell

I would love to participate!

Phyllis {My Wedding Concierge}

Please add me as well Lucy -

Love you, Henny, and Lydia!




Sparrow and the Owl @ would love to participate!


Hello! Our site is still taking it’s break from our relocation so we can’t participate in the day of silence. It’s such a wonderful thing you ladies are doing! We’ll do our small part by spreading the word on twitter ((:



I will proudly participate and do my part!


Hey girls - I am so happy you are organizing this. You can definitely count {The Beauty Nerd} in! Please add us:

Mary Ann Hollander

Thanks for arranging such a great idea! I will definitely be participating.

Roseanna Willis

I will be participating in the bloggers day of silence. I feel that this is such a thoughtful way to deal with the terrible sadness we are all feeling.Thank you for thinking of this idea x

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries

Thank you so much for organising this! I’ve been wanting to do something and I hope I can help at least a little! I’m definitely in!


I would love to participate!



This is an amazing idea and I’d love to be a part of it. Thanks so much for organizing. My blog is Style with Benefits:


this is an amazing sign…;)…i will be a part of it, too…we all stay together this day…here and japan and all over the world…so this is a thoughtful way to respect…thanks for sharing…all the best from Germany…cheers and hugs…i…

lil hoot

thank you thank you for providing this way for us to contribute to a better japan. i’v ebeen feeling helpless.
so happy to participate


I will be participating at Drop & Anchor!

nicole paloux

count me in. this is great.

Sadie + Stella

We are so in. We are thrilled to be participating in this cause.

Sharla Muegge

Amazing idea! I’m in with both my blogs:



i’m in as well. thank you so much for putting this together!

Allison Elizabeth

No doubt I will be joining, this is a great idea, My blog is

Nina & Kate {Wedding Inspirasi}

Thank you so much for organizing this. Japan is dear to both of us. We will be showing our support for Bloggers Day of Silence at our blog “Wedding Inspirasi” at

The Thirty-Something Bride

Count me in for the day of silence! What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do! ~Louise

Sugar & Spice Event Design

Beautiful expression of love. Sugar & Spice Event Design will be participating monetarily and in our blog as well. I will proudly post your badge on our site! A day of silence is much needed! I will encourage all of my followers. Http://

Megan Hardre

I’m in! I’m thrilled you put this together.

Mary Lallande

My heart is sad by the devastation, yet happy seeing all of the love for others here. You can count me in!

Mariana Herrera Mosli

I will definitely be joining and participating in Bloggers Day of Silence, thank you for ALL you are doing. So happy that although it is just a small way, I may contribute to such a great cause!

Praying for Japan. Here is our blog link:

{- Luxury and Opulence -}

This is such a great cause - thank you for doing this. Please count me in!

{- luxury and opulence -}

bettijo @

We are planning to participate in the bloggers day of silence. Our hearts go out to those suffering in Japan.


Good evening from Tokyo…I will most certainly be participating. Thank you all so much for your good will and kind hearts!



I will be participating too, from France .


Thanks again for putting this together! It is wonderful to see our amazing blogging community come together to help.
I donated and will be taking part on friday.


I would like to participate as well. I’ve already did a post about it. My blog name Blue Shoes on this address here


I’m in. Fabulous initiative!
Steph from Luxembourg.


I’m participating and re-posting the link on my blog. Thank you so much for your initiative in creating this campaign.


I will be joining in on Friday. ax


Hi, I would love to participate in the Bloggers Day of Silence. I think what you are doing is wonderful. Please add my blog in:

Blue-Nail Girl

My Blog
will be Partecipate at the Silence


I’m participating and rasing some money by auctioning a handmade foto-tote on my site. Thanks for organising!

Nicole Marie

I will be participating in bloggers day of silence and my april sponsors profits will go to the red cross. thank you for doing this
La Mia Vita-


Count me in too! My heart goes out to everyone in Japan!


Forgot to list my blog:

this chickadee

i’ll be participating to honor my friends in japan.


I will participate!


I will Support this cause!


Count Garnish in! We would also like to honor our friends and customers in Japan as well.


Not sure is were to list our blog address or not…


I’m in and have posted on it

Christine @ Pure Joy Events

Pure Joy Events ( will be participating. Such a simple way to show our love and support. Thanks for organizing!

Alexandra Beauregard

bWed Exclusive will definitely be participating! Writing up a blog post to go up tonight. -

Lauren Elise

Hi Utterly Engaged ladies! Thank you so much for your amazing work on this. I definitely want to contribute to the blogger’s day of silence on Friday and will be donating what I can. I’m so happy to help. My blog is


I’m in and spreading the news in Italy. My little bro was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit and he managed to leave the country on Sunday night… Thanks for providing me a way to keep the attention towards what Japanese people now need rather than our own nuclear fears.


I’ll definitely be participating! Blog:

Style of a Fashionista

Count me in. I feel helpless but at least this way I can show my respect


I think this is a wonderful idea and I will be participating along with all of you.


Sheek Shindigs

Amazing. Sheek Shindigs will be participating in the bloggers day of silence and will do a post about it tomorrow (Thursday). Thank you!

Kristen Sherman, Parties by Kristen LLC

This is a wonderful idea and I would love to participate. My blog is and twitter is @partyzbykristen


I will be participating! Such a great idea! my blog is: FASHION TALES
here’s the link:


I want to participate!

Beautifully Invisible

Wonderful idea. I am participating as well.


Definitely I’m in!




I will definitely be participating. Count me in.

Katie @ Yoga Gal

Yoga Gal is most definitely participating: Thank you so much for organizing this!


though we don’t get much traffic, my 2 blogs (; will be participating. thanks for putting this together. glad i can do something to help.

Buckle Button Zip

Thanks for gathering this community in honor of those suffering in Japan. I’ll be participating along with you.

Kim Bell

I will be participating, donating, and spreading the word!

Squash Blossom Babies

I will participate!


i am in!!! all the way in. This is a grand idea, thanks a million for the initiative!!
and I will tweet about it now :)




I will be participating.
My Heart Blogged.

ellena hill

I would like to take part too

Jacque Riehl - Riehl Events

We will definitely be participating as in the “Day of Silence” as well as donating. We have also asked all local Salt Lake City bloggers and all our followers via blog, facebook and twitter to observe this as well as donate. Good luck with everything and thank you for being the beginning of this movement!

Jacque Riehl
Riehl Events


I’m in. It’s a great idea.

Kim Le Pham

Kim Le Photography would love to participate!

Sarah @belletristics

I’m in- great idea!


Such a wonderful thing…I’m in. <3
Love & Lemonade Photography


Great initiative. I’d like to participate and will spread the word!

Tobi Curtis

We will be participating!


I’ll be participating, great idea :)


Count me in


The post is up:
Again congrats and thanks for this initiative

Toni (

Christy Weber

Junebug is in! Thanks so much for organizing this and getting so many involved - we’re excited to help and will be participating with both of our blogs, What Junebug Loves and Photobug.

mart a.

we are in.
mart a.


I want to do it too!

Star-Light´s Fashion-World


I’m in, great idea, hope it raises lots of funds/awareness.


I am in! I am so happy to see another way to spread the word about this. Blog name: {My}Perspective


I will definitely be participating,



Carey Shaw

Would love to be involved.

Arleene Taylor

This is so great, thank you for allowing us all to do our part and get involved!

sara purdy

lots of prayers going out to japan.
Thanks for letting us be involved! every little bit counts!


Anything helps. there is so much is participating at

katie {aisle candy}

What a wonderful idea and way to show support for the people of Japan. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible effort!

Bella Q

Thank you for doing this. I am so in.
the Citizen Rosebud

Bella Q

I will be posting about this and participating on both my blogs

little girl

I’m participating! my blog name is little girl in the big world

do you need my link or you have it from above?

Mary Lallande

We will be silent on Friday along with all of you.

Molly M.

Thank you, precious hearts! We are soooo excited to be apart of this effort.

Karolina B-H

I admire you for organizing this since every help counts! I will be definitely partcipating!

Ms Pink

I’m in over at . Hope I can help spread the word :)

Ms. Pink

Trish Finfer

I’m in at and will spread the word about fundraising - Shelterbox is a great!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

I think this is lovely! I am definitely participating in the Bloggers’ Day of Silence.


Thank you for organizing this event, I’m glad I came across the post and hope many more join in.



Kara Layne

Happy to be a part of the cause! You ladies are wonderful!

Andrea @ Paper-Charmed

So glad I found this fundraising relief effort! I know a lot of people who would like to help but don’t know how or where to donate. I’ve posted this on my blog @ and have spread the word. Thanks!
~ Paper-Charmed

die, die nicht näht

great idea!

Dear Evie

What a great idea - well done! I’d love to join in please.

Camille Sioco

I’m participating it this! It’s such a good cause! Hope we can raise awareness!
- Camille

Stephanie Quilliam

I’m in and it’s up on my blog


Thank you for taking your time in organizing this, I didn´t know were to donate and I just found you. I feel so sorry for Japan. …I posted in my blog Kisses


we send love and streght to Japan


I’m in and i’m spreading the words!


Thank you for organising this. My heart goes out to all the people of Japan!

Serena @ Pretty Fluffy

What a beautiful idea. Pretty Fluffy will definitely participate


Thank you for organising this. Thoughts and prayers are with Japan xxox


i have posted about this on my blog, and will be participating tomorrow xxx


I’ll be participating too.


well done for organising this. i just did a post & linked to you.

Crystal Nowak

We’ll be participating too! :)


I’m doing it:

Wonderful idea - thanks for organising :)


I’ll be participating!!!… This is a wonderful ideia…
I’m doing it in:

lole ★ laloleblog

Thank you so much for organising this!
I’m doing it :


hi there…
i will be participating - thanks so much for the inspiration!
nikki x


I am in:


i’m in. so grateful that there are people like you who can take the initiative to organize something as meaningful as this.

Bella Michelle

Planning to participate! Thanks for organizing!


Going to participate, thank you!

Michelle - Pocketful of Dreams

Well done to you for coming up with this idea and organising it, it really is devastating watching from afar but if we can help in this small way then I am truly honoured to be involved. Michelle x


As per my email to Lucia, Bird’s Party Blog will join you too!

Keep up the great work!


Me uno al dia de Silencio, por Japón. Solidaridad.


ah! la dirección del blog.


I just emailed and I am definitely going to be participating. Thank you again for doing this.
Julie xo


bueno la dirección es:


Meg Needles

Sewing Pixie will be quiet on Friday, too! This is an excellent idea.

Love, Meg Needles


Such a great idea! I am definitely taking part… I am gonna blog this link today afternoon to let my readers know about this great job! Thanks again


I appreciate you doing this. Thank you for bringing awareness. Please count me in!

Arni @ Design Gourmande

I’m happy to participate.

Molly @ Smmidge

This is fantastic and I’m excited to participate.

The Pretty Life Anonymous

We would LOVE to participate!!


great idea. I’d like to join.
I’ve just posted the banner up on my blog and tweeted.

Meera @ firstsense

A huge kudos to you for doing this. I am definitely participating. My blog is



We’re going to participate in this over at Alles Mode

Chirp and Chatter

I’m in, you guys rock for putting this out there.

Miss ED

I will spread the word as much as I can, and have donated myself already… this is a fantastic effort on your part, bravo!

Eve's cooking

I would like participate for the day of silence for japan with love. I have done an article on my blog which is a french blog of cooking.
Good Idea for this day.


Count me in!

christine {bijouandboheme}

Will definitely be taking part- will post tonight. Thanks so much for organizing!!

rachel thomas of raenovate

y’all rock. raenovate is graciously participating.


I would be honored to participate. My blog is Exciting Life of CPA’s at

Keleigh Schwartz

Thank you so much for doing this. Shelter Box is the perfect way to help. Count me in for all my blogs; the two listed above are my company and the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau.

Tara Y.

What an inspiring campaign. I will be participating and posting the Bloggers Day of Silence article on my blog this evening.

Maggie Eisenstat {I Do Love It}

Just posted my participation. It’s great thing you ladies are doing. Thank you!


Thanks so much for organising this. I’ve just posted my post
blessings x

nicole addison


Lesa Parnham

I will be joining you in this with both of my blogs. God Bless!

Arie Rich

I will be having a day of silence on my blog on Friday. I’ll have a post on #forjapanwithlove up tonight.

KMP Blog


Thank you for organizing - I will be joining with a day of silence on my blog: this Friday.


Thank you for organizing - I will have a day of silence this Friday.

Liz Leppanen

This is a no-brainer. Of course I’m in. Thanks for doing this.


I’ll be joining with both my blogs: Life Done Write ( and Content for Do-Gooders (

Best, Gg


Would love to participate: Eleven Lovely Things

Keri Brantley

I will absolutely be participating in this!

Clare Astra

count me in too! just popping this on my blog and will tweet the sniz out of it too! xoxo


count me in! thank you for doing this!


count me in!!! thank U!!!

Camila F.

I’m so in!

One Little Window

Joining in. Wonderful that you’ve set this up. I’ll donate, join in, and encourage others to do the same.


Just posted!
Thanks for putting this together!

Colleen {HappyLittleArt}

What a great idea!! Will be joining in!!! Thanks!!

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

Thank you so much for putting this project together. I’ve been feeling so guilty this past week blogging away pretty stuff, yet knowing there’s a big tragedy happening on the other side of the globe. I didn’t really know how to express my concern in the blogging world, so I’m really glad that you guys started this project for bloggers like us to get involved.

I’m making my donation and hoping my post today will help spread the word:

with love, Jeanne


I’m in.


i would love to participate. my blog is and I’ll get a post up this afternoon to note I’ll be participating and encourage others to do so as well! xo


Yes. This. I am in.

Delicatessen (

Marion Williams-Bennett

I’ve felt so helpless about the situation in Japan. Being part of this is giving me hope.
Thank you for all your great work!


This is a great idea, I’m def. joining in. Here’s to raising lots of funds!!

Autism Rocks:


What a great idea, would love to participate! Thank you again!



Kelsey Gerhard

I’d love participate. Going to post about it now!

michelle ford

count me in girls.

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs will be participating. Thank you so much for organizing this!


I’M IN!!!!! Great idea.


I’ve posted, a great idea and thank you for organising this!

The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe


Thank you so much for putting this project together.I’m in and tomorrow from Italy I’ll get the post.


Thanks for putting this whole thing together, our blog would love to participate.



i’ll be pausing for thought tomorrow upon my blog and thank you kindly for organizing this

Lolo and Dian

Please count us in!!! Our blog would love to participate. Thank you for putting this together!


Thank you for all of your wonderful efforts! Count me: Living the Live Wire -


OH YEA. heres my link: thanks for putting this together.


Great idea!! I’m definitely in! Here’s to lots of fund raising!!

Autism Rocks:

Kaysha Weiner Photographer

I’m in!!! (


That is a wonderful and thoughtful effort you are putting forward! I would love to join the movement and I’m glad I got to know just in time! Please count me in for the Bloggers day of Silence and I’m going to share this on the blog right away!
My blog’s url is

blair @ wild and precious

I’l be participating! Thanks for putting this together!


Wild & Precious



Count me in

Kira Lauren Photography

Let’s do this!! I’m in. Wonderful idea, ladies :)


Make me 189!

Lindsey Orton

I’m in!

Roxana A. Soto

We’ll gladly participate! Thanks for doing this!

Gloria and Lorella - Boutique Events

A fabulous idea. We are happy and proud to participate.

Angela Desveaux

Great idea - we’ll definitely participate. I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak and fear that the whole country is experiencing. :(


I’m joining in - my blog is

Jessica @ Two Shades of Pink

I am honored and proud to participate! I will be posting this afternoon!

Kelli K

I AM IN FOR SURE! I won’t be posting tomorrow due to the fact that I think this is such an AMAZING initiative! I’ve already donated but think it’s such a great way to make an impact & increase awareness.

XoXo_Kelli K

Lolo and Dian

We are proud to participate.


Thank you so much for putting this together! We’ll be participating over at Delightfully Engaged.

Herschel Pollard

Square Peg Pinhole will take part.


I’m in with I have a special Friday concept and many visitors on Fridays, so it’s good for the cause. Thank you so much for this!


You guys are amazing. Please put me on the list, Belle The Magazine

Smita Photography

I would love to participate! Count me in! :)

Jason Bradford

Beautiful. Will be up tonight.

Thanks for pulling this together….

Blog: The Blogford Files


this is a wonderful gesture, i am participating. :)

Craftiness Now

what an amazing network, so touching to see everyone’s care and concern

Christina & Natasha

we definetely support this cause, it is such a brilliant idea!thank you so much!


I’m In.


So proud to be a part of this.


I’m in.
The Photography of Ashley E.

Amy Kelley

We will absolutely participate…thanks for this great idea.

Amy Kelley

We will absolutely participate…thanks for this great idea.



Liz Lovi

Please count me in!

Liz Lovi Photography :


I will be participating and posting about this on my blog today <3


I’m in. I’ll post about it tonight…


Hi, we are happy to read about this and take part. It’s good to see how people take action and become part of it. Thank you for doing this!


I’m in! Thanks for starting such a good cause!

Nicole Firestone

Great Idea! I’m in all the way.


I love this. I’ve been so heartbroken over the tragedy in Japan and I’m glad for the opportunity to participate in this. Thank you.
Life and OhLaDeeDah will be participating in tomorrow’s day of silence.


I would love to support this cause and participate.


I linked up.

Sapphires and Saffron

You girls are truly amazing! Thank you for putting this together, I will definately be participating and posting. jump here

merel groenenboom

we’re in. we hope for the best.

Sapphires and Saffron

You girls are truly amazing! Thank you for putting this together, I will definately be participating and posting.

Soundtrack To I Do

This is a great idea. I’m in!

Sweets Indeed

I am so proud of this community. We’re in!!


I’m in! Will set up my post right now for posting first thing tomorrow. :) And will tweet the heck out of it, too! :) Great cause.. Thanks for doing this.

Jessica @ Two Shades of Pink

Would love to participate.

Hatsuho (Hiragana Mama)

Thanks so much. Definitely participating.


I’m in!


Count us in! :D I’ll be posting about this today.


I’m in for sure:
Will be tweeting about this too xoxo

Laurie Tester

I’m in and will be tweeting it once it’s posted….doing that now. Wonderful idea!


Thank you, I’ve nothing more to say…
From Germany:

Kathy - Divine Occasions

You can count on us! We are proud to participate and will keep everyone lifted in our prayers! Peace and continued blessings!


I will be participating! this is great!


Beautiful idea, I will be participating, on both of my blogs:


Thank you for organizing this! I’m about to put my post up:


I will for sure be participating & thank you so much for taking time to doing something that matters SO much for SO many.

Tammy @ she wears flowers

Thanks so much for organizing this–I will be participating!


You guys are so amazing, thank you for doing this! I am participating tomorrow!

Christie, Describe Happy

I will certainly be participating in your Bloggers of Silence day tomorrow. Thank you setting this up and helping us all find an outlet to contribute as much as possible!

Mama Pea Pod

Count me in! My heart is aching for Japan.

juliannna collett

I am in - thanks for doing this ladies.


I cannot think of a more fitting way to bear witness. My post is up.


Thank you for organizing this. A Timeless Affair ( will go silent tomorrow in support.


my blog is Russian-speaking, but I’m in here

Vicki Murray

What a wonderful effort and so inspiring to see so many participate and donate!


I want to participate and a blog post will come up today about it. What a wonderful think you have put together.

Amanda Hi I’m taking part, Shelterbox does amazing work I’m more than happy to help.x.

Kelley Moore

We will be participating and will link to the the site. Thanks!


Behind the cause 100%, we must do what we can to help our brothers and sisters in Japan. Sending love to you all. Bloggers of the world, unite for JAPAN!x

mary kathryn

I’m participating at my blog, will post banner shortly

Sakura Koontz

I would like to participate.

Ludmila @ creamylife

I’m totally in! Thank you for organizing this, so thoughtful! Already blogged about it. Have a lovely evening!

Lale Mur

Hello! A great initiative. Thanks a lot. I am an azerbaijani girl and participating from Catalonia (Spain). I have already published a post about it (although in catalan language). We need to unite for Japan!

Brittany Mahood Photography

great idea. my heart has been heavy, it’s great to see people actively giving back. here is a link to my blog:


This is a great initiative. I would like to join Bloggers Day of Silence, and have already asked my readers to donate!


I’m here:
Thank you for organizing this.


I’m in.

brand new Page (

katie center

thank you for organizing. this is remarkable.

my post will go live later today.


Oops, didn’t post the whole blog link!


Thank you for organising this, I’ve posted on my blog.


I will join in.

Anya adores

I will be proud to participate - have posted on my blog already!


I’m in!

I’m also donating 50% of all of my etsy sales from now until the end of the month to the cause.


I will participate.

The Style Crone

Thank you for setting this up!


Well done for coming up with this. I’ve felt uncomfortable about observing my usual posting schedule this past week - it seems so trivial. I’ll be observing the day of silence tomorrow.

Sending my thoughts and love to Japan.

Hanna - Whiterainbow

I’m in, all my love to Japan!


I’ll be joining in, off to do my post now xxx


Great initiative, I’ll definitely be joining. Here’s my link

Monica Dreger

This is amazing! Please count us in!


I’m in


Great initiative! I´ll be joining in from Sweden.


I’ll be participating. Thank you for your hard work.


Já coloquei no meu blogue. Que Deus abençoe o povo Japonês!


I will definitely be joining in on this! The Caribbean is praying fro Japan


Io ci sono! Partecipo al giorno del silenzio per il Giappone


what an amazing idea have already saved the placard, and will make sure to post before midnight tonight. x

Shayna Walker

All of my blogs as well as most (possibly all) of my clients blogs will observe the day of silence tomorrow. I have to work on getting posts up on as many of them as possible, but they will definitely appear on, and Will see if I can get client blog support too. Really awesome use of your reach to help - I respect you all so much!


I’m absolutely doing this!!

-Kristina @ a perfect dose of life (

Jeannine Kennedy

I will be participating. Thank you for coordinating this effort.

Bethany @ b*spoke

I’m in. Thank you so much for coordinating this!


Definitely joining the cause, Japan’s very close to my heart
Here’s my post, will tweet about it too!!

Deborah Evelyn

I’m absolutely in! http//

Tara Jobe

What a great idea, count me in! Blog: Haute Lunch-
Thanks for putting this together!


I am in this.Very nice idea!

Jessica {Little_JEM}

Such a simple way to help, I love it! I’ll be joining the day of silence… Thank you for putting this amazingness together!


Thank you so much for bringing the Blogosphere together for this very important blog event. I will be participating and have already posted about it.
Bags, Books & Bon Jovi


I’m definitely in, thanks for putting this together!

Amy P

I will be participating. Thank you so very much for organizing.


This is absolutely amazing! I am thrilled to participate and help spread the word. Thank you so much for putting this together. Much love! Brooke from Center Sage xoxo

Justine Edge

Thank you for organizing this. I’m definitely participating:


This is a fantastic idea! I am definitely in x


Wonderful idea thanks for puttting it together.


This is a wonderful idea, and I will be participating tomorrow.

Kate @ Travelmoon

I will be participating tomorrow. Thank you for supporting such a wonderful cause and mobilizing the blogging community…I am sure your efforts will make a great impact!


I am supporting this.


Looking forward to participate to raise awareness for this great cause!


I’m SO glad I saw this in time! I’m in! Hugs!


I am in!

Julia Azcona

Definitely in! Thank you for this!


I want to participate too. And I have another blog


I’m in ..thxxx


I’m totally in!!!


I’m in!!!


Awesome! Thanks for putting this together.

Behind the Lashes

I’m in. Thank you for organizing this!


I am here


Count me in as well :)

Laurie Gallamore

Definitely in!! Thank you for organizing this.


Hi, I’m almost late but still on time, I’m posting right now and joining. Plus I’m telling all the other brazilian bloggers to join as well.


i just did a post on this awesome mission that you two have put together! thanks so much for doing this!


yes. Hope can help in some small way.


Vielen Dank für diese Aktion. Auf meinem Blog läuft gerade eine Spendenauktion für Japan und am Sonntag werde ich noch einen weiteren Betrag spenden.
Am Tag der Stille nehme ich teil
Herzliche Grüße


Thank you for organizing this!


absolutely - thanks for sending me the emails with details already!


I will be participating. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan. Beth

Icing Designs

Thank you so much for setting this up, we will be participating in this on our blog… Our thoughts and prayers lie with all of those effected by this devastation.


I am participating, just made my donation. Thank you!


Just found out about this and I’m in. Wholeheartedly in.

paige elizabeth

This is just beautiful. Thank you for getting it together and getting us all on board. My blog will be participating…

Tammy B

I’m in.

Tammy B

I forgot to post the name of my blog. Pink Cupcakes and TaB (


I’m most definitely in! what an awesome thing to be a part of! thanks.

Retro Threadz Vintage

please count me in as well . i already posted the badge on my blog

Katie {La Plus Petite}

Done! I LOVE this idea.


writing the post now!


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!


BLOGGED!!! God Bless!!!


Yall are great for doing this. my blog name is ettie press and this is the link


how amazing! Ofcourse I will participate! What a great idea. Thank you.

Tania Welch

I’m quite grateful to be able to participate. thank you.

Bri {collected}

Done and done. So happy to participate!


I’m participating and re-posting the link on my blog.
Cultura Femenina

Uncle Beefy

Thank you both so much for taking the time to organize all of this! It’s inspiring and precisely what can make the blogosphere such a beautifully powerful forum. I’m in! ~ Uncle Beefy


My blog Everyday Sunshine will be participating in the Bloggers Day of Silence.
Thank you for organizing!


Hey Little Birdie will be participating! Thank you for doing this.

Vintage is for Lovers

Please include me! Thank you so much for spearheading this amazing support effort! Much love! xo Samantha


what a beautiful idea, im totally in!



Thank you so much for setting this up!

Natasha Atkerson

I will be participating in the Blogger day of silence: (A Modest Fashion Blog)

Solana James

Thank you for organizing this. My heart breaks for Japan and I’d love to try to help in any way possible.

Shen Dove

Leveraging social media to help other is so awesome! I’ll be participating.


Gift Giving Guru ( is proud to participate in this great cause. Thanks so much for organizing this!


Thanks so much for a great idea to pull us all together for something so very worthy.

Christina {Sweet On Design}

I’m in as well. Thank you for spreading the word like this.


Of course I am participating… the more help the better!!!


I’m in and love this!

Happy St. Patty’s Day and thank you for rolling this out….

Me and Mr. C.

I’m writing our post right now!

Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

With much gratitude towards you and everyone involved in this movement. I will participating tomorrow.


Im in!!!!

kerry Quade

i will be participating in the day of silence in support of Japan… thank you for coordinating!


Caught this a little late, but yes, definitely participating! Oh thanks so much for this, it’s just the sort of effort this world needs.


Thank you for doing this!


YES. count me in… thank you for organizing this.


and I should probably leave my blog….

Andrea |

Thank you for doing this…I’m happy to be able to participate. My blog is Homage Style at


Id love to participate

Kelly | Glamour This

I will be participating as well

<3 thank you for doing this. United we can make a difference.

Rachel Dell

I will be participating. Thanks so much for doing this. seriously great idea!

Andrea H

I will whole-heartedly participate! Here is my blog post:


Prayer is powerful. Continue to pray.

Jodi Palmer

I will be participating - A Yummy Life Photography. Fantastic idea!


Thank you for doing this. Love Me Some Lemons will be participating!


Just Posted! Wonderful, brilliant idea.

katy {of} katy loves.

Katy with here, so happy to be able to support this wonderful movement. I love the blogging community.

Praying for Japan!

Melissa Copeand

My Blog :
Melissa Copeland Photography


Bring it


I’m definitely joining. :)


It’s an honor to be a part of this.


It’s an honor to be a part of this. Great idea.


Lovely idea.


i’m in. thank you for putting this together. my blog is; hi i’m a twentysomething year old.


I am honored to participate in this event

Blog: The Johns Family


Kristin Pearce

I am participating! What a great idea.

Amy Nelson Hannon

Praying God blesses these acts of compassion beyond measure! Excited to be a part. xoxo

Melissa Vicente

I will be partcipating as well, such a amazing idea! Happy to help!


It is SO wonderful to see so many bloggers participating!!!

Count me in:


I am participating! Blog: Cirque du Sweet -

Lily Lemontree (AS)

What a wonderfully compassionate thing to do and organize! I would be beyond honoured to participate in such a thoughtful event of genuine kindness!
May God bless you all!

The Collection Event Studio

You ladies amaze us! We are in!


Hi, my name is Cyrillynn and my blog is “Any Second Now”. I have already posted about it, and will participate in the “Bloggers day of Silence” tomrorow. What a wonderful effort and thank you so much!



I will be participating!! This is beautiful that u put this together.

Twitter: under100fashion


I will be taking part in this to honor the great people of Japan… heart breaks for them..I pray they will some how get through this tragic time..may God bless them all…


i’m in ♥

Illustrate Kate

Absolutely wonderful idea, posting now! I’m Kate at

Tia Brumbelow

This is an awesome you all are doing. I’m so in!


thank you for heading this up! i’m following your lead.

Jodie Faraci

This is amazing and I & my blog are honored to be a part of it:

Jane * see jane blog

Prayers & hope for japan.


I’m in!


This is amazing! In less then 4 days you have raised over $20,000. It’s amazing what people can do when they all come together. We absolutely want to participate (I know I’m late in coming in…). We hope to help you in raising $100,000


Anything that I can do to help!



Wichser Studio

Definitely in!


I’m in!

Megan Sonnenberg

so proud to be taking part in bloggers day of silence! i have three blogs i will be participating in bloggers day of silence -

a personal blog, a wedding/event planning blog , and our company blog - warm regards and many thanks for gathering for such a great cause.


I would like to join.


Count me (and my blog) in!

Melissa champagne wishes.

I have been e-mailing with you girls but thought I’d add my name here as well just in case! I am so excited to be a part of this!!xoxo


It is with great pleasure that we can help disseminate this
Friday, Day 18/03/2011 with just this publication.


It is with great pleasure that we can help disseminate this
Friday, Day 18/03/2011 with just this publication.

Jacqueline Vo

thank you for this — count me in.


I only just found out about this and have posted it on my blog.


We will be silent also.

Ashley Nielson

great idea! i’m in :)


An incredible idea…


I just found out about this and am definitely ‘in.’ I’ve already got the post up at: Thank you so much for organizing.


SOO IN!!!!!

Chanda Kim

I’ll be participating and crocheting all day to raise some funds! You guys are awesome!!

Eileen Gamache

Thank you s0 much for leading the charge~♥


I’m in….


In. Thanks for being our leader! XO


I’m in. ~ Just us Three.


count me in this is awesome!!!

Leah Bergman @ Freutcake

Thank you for starting this! God Bless Japan.

Alex Heater

On my blog. So honored to take part in such a worthwhile cause. Thanks for spreading awareness.

Yaneli Rubio

I and my blog (In These Days of Lenten Season…) will so be doing this! Great cause. God bless all in Japan and those helping.


Thank you so much for everthing you’re doing. This is such a worthy cause!

Lydia Rosene

You are doing the work of Angels! Count me in.

Dancing Branflake

Such an overwhelming response. Thank you!

nicole @ deliajude

i joined in too…with only hours to spare. bravo guys bravo.

Joanna Abizaid

This is a great idea and I would love to participate tomorrow. Thanks.


Thank you for organizing this. I think I just got my blog post in under the wire.

Sandra Farrell

My heart goes out to all of those in Japan. From those who suffered great loss, to those who are now, simply trying to survive.

Brittany Erin

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event. I whole heartedly support the cause and will be participating.


i’m definitely doing this. i already a post asking for donations to red cross. banner will go up right now.

ingrid rojas

thanks! :)


Hello! I am participating! my blog:

Sorry if you get this twice, I don’t think it went through the first time I tried it.

Thank you for putting this together!


I’m in! This is a wonderful idea!

Jillian Tohber Leslie

I would love to participate and help any way I can. — Jillian

Jillian Tohber Leslie

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

So incredible.. frateful to you for creating this. Thank you!


Vivian Nelson Melle

I will be participating on both blogs. Thanks for doing this.

Ambrosia Clark

About to post the flier…you gals are amazing…world changers <3

Fifth Sparrow (Louise)

Of course I’m in (down to the wire too), just heard abotu this and it’s a wonderful idea! Thank you xx

edyta szyszlo photography

the most caring hearts. i’m here to support!


Thanks for making this happen!

Sadie Jane

I will be participating! What a great idea!! God bless the people of Japan!

Jennie Butson

IN! Made my donation… passing the word on to others!!!!

Stephanie Cross

I’m in!

Annelie Adams

Will be participating … Anne Adams Photography Thank you for organizing this!


I want to participate!

Hi-Fi Weddings

Y’all are beyond amazing. I’m in! Hi-Fi Weddings:

Cathy Lee

Thanks for leading the way in bringing help and attention to Japan!

Rydeng `s blog

Thank you! For Japan with Love


i am proud to be part of such an amazing effort. thank YOU for coordinating.

{ SHE }

THANK YOU for organizing such an admirable effort! Count me in to participate.


We will definitely be participating. You are so wonderful.


I’m in! Thank you for helping raise funds and awareness. 39 minutes until a day of silence


I would love to help out.


I’m a bit late on this as I just found out about it, but I’d love to participate. Here is my link:

Volatile Photography

I donated this afternoon and posted about ‘For Japan With Love’ on my blog, facebook and twitter- and several times! I didn’t realize I had to comment on this specific post to be included! I hope I’m not too late. Here is the direct link to my post-

Kimberly April Photography

Thank you for finding a way we can help! I will be participating in the Day of Silence at

Bethany Nauert

I’m happy to participate in the Bloggers Day of Silence

Bethany Nauert

Christian Cruz

It’s so incredibly encouraging to see such a wonderful community coming together to help a community is desperate need of our help. Reinna and I have donated, but are continuing to encourage our friends, family and readers to join in this community’s efforts to help make a meaningful difference for those in Japan.


Im in too. Great work you have done.

Diane Angel

Thank you for leading the way with this amazing way to help those in Japan!

Natalie Matkin

My blog is private, but I’m joining in anyway FOR SURE! Thank you for doing this!

Andi Hatch

My blog is The link is:
Thank you for organizing.


I just saw this 4 minutes ago and did a quick post. It posted at 12:00am 3/18, but that was the quickest I could manage!

Mrs. Biscuit

I messed this up by blogging a couple minutes late… but I believe it’s the thought, love, support and idea that count. I will be donating, and I will not be blogging until Saturday. Thanks for organizing this, it’s the perfect way for bloggers to address and participate in helping Japan.

Lucia@Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish

Count me in…sending wishes for hope and healing to Japan from Sicily, Italy.


I’m in! I hope it counts…


I’m in.

Cristina Barragan

Unforgettable Events is happy to participate!


Great initiative. Count me in!

Choi Olga

I am in


thank you for setting the shelter box donations up. i will be participating in the bloggers day of silence.


Am in - great cause !

Rosie @ Sweetapolita

So happy to be part of this. The blog post is up, and I’ll be spreading the word like crazy. Thank you so much for all your work in putting this together. xo

Persis Shah

Most happy to join in and do my little bit for Japan.

Jazz Tyrril-Smart

Great initiative – I won’t be blogging tomorrow (as I am an Aussie and we are one day ahead of our friends in the northern hemisphere)!

event THIS

Great initiative – event THIS will not be blogging tomorrow (as we are in Australia and we are one day ahead of our friends in the northern hemisphere)!

Nicole @bklyncontessa

count me in too!

Une Sardine à Rio

I’m in!!

WedInk Tattle Asia

This is such a great initiative. Happy to participate and thanks for doing all these.


I found out about this wonderful initiative a little too late. I’ve added the banner to my sidebar and I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Molin y Molinette

Contar conmigo.


Here is my post on this, I bit too late but better later then never. Great initiative!


Thank you so much for organizing this. I’m from Japan but currently live abroad. It’s been so heartbreaking to watch the devastation in Japan but it’s encouraging to see all the help from people all around the world. I really appreciate you for finding a way for those of us far away to help. You guys are doing a great job! I’ve seen on the news that donations are really appreciated as it will help provide for food, blankets and gas, etc…


Thank you for all this ! is in =)


This is really wonderful — thank you for organizing this.
Hugs from Poland.


i want to partecipate too with two blogs
thank you very much!


praying with you and linked up over at my place, too!

Marta Costa

I am really happy to participate in this amazing initiative. I’m blogging about it, share it on facebook, letting friends know about this and already made my donation.
Little and simples steps. Thanks for letting us share this with you.

Collette Osuna

Hello….thank you for organizing this and for bringing awareness to the cause. I too am joining in the Bloggers Day of Silence and posted to my blog this morning. Thank you for including my blog in your links of those participating.

Natalie Love

Happy to help in any way possible. Rad Cross is also taking donations HERE xx

Emily M.

I will also be participating on my blog:
It’s called My Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Thank you for doing this.


im in…such a great way for us all to unite!!


Hi, greetings from Poland and of course, I’m in.

Jacqueline Weppner

I’m happy to contribute. Merci New York -
Thank you for a wonderful and heartfelt idea.

True Event

This is such an amazing outreach! xoxo


A little late, but I’m in! Great work you ave done!


I’m in!!!!


Count me in, The Average Girl’s Guide:


I’m in!!


Thank you for doing this!


I think everyone’s heart is in the right place with this. I’d like to ask bloggers who are not posting however, to use their time contacting Representatives and the Japanese government in order to urge the Japanese government to permit food and supplies airdrops to Northeast Japan where people are now starving, a week after the earthquake. See a video interview with a Japan scholar on my site: that explains why.

Jess Gatlyn

we will be joining in

Debbie York

On my blog Talking Trash, I’m know for talking way too much about antiques, life and anything else that catches my fancy, but for such an eloquent and heartfelt request…I think I can be silent for a day. This is a wonderful thing to do and I’m honored to participate.


I’ve adapted this great campaign for the readers in Romania. You can see the translated version here Our prayers go to the Japan.

Stephanie Chidester

Everybody needs to do whatever they can to help. What are we here for if not to give each other someone to lean on?

Larissa Thank you for doing this. It is a wonderful idea.


Idag fredag 18 mars ansluter jag mig till The Blogger´s Day of Silence.

Genom att SMSa AKUT JAPAN till 72900 skänker du 100kr via Röda Korset.


I’m a little late on posting this, but just did this morning. What a wonderful idea and thanks for doing it!

Cindy | milk tea + polkadots

I thought I already posted a comment on Ever Ours last night, but it doesn’t look like it went through. :(. Anyway, i think it’s wonderful what you guys are doing to raise support! Here’s my post:


hope I’m not too late…..will definitely participate!


I’m putting this up on my blog right now!


My blog is, by the way

I’ve wanted to do something but didn’t know what…thank you for this opportunity.

The New Diplomat's Wife

Participating for a great cause - this will go up tomorrow due to the time zone difference here in Vienna but still count us in!


My blog ( and I are participating! What a great thing you are doing!


Bella Michelle

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Southern Somedays


A bit late to the bandwagon here…but not late in the effort. This was too important not to share. Thank you for the initiative.


This tragedy is heartbreaking, and just knowing that there’s something I can do gives me hope.


I’m in! Pray for the Japan…


Sending love to the people of Japan.

Meredith Ekstedt

This is a wonderful cause. It make me feel a lot less helpless. Adding to my blog now!

Jill Vaughn

I hope I’m not too late!! PLease include me!!

Jill Vaughn Here is my website to add! Thanks!


With all my heart…

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

I’m a little late to the party, but just posted about this on my site

Thanks for taking the initiative to organize this - fantastic!

Michelle Ellen Lee

Well done you guys. It’s amazing to see how you pulled so many people from around the world together, who don’t even know each other, but are all working for the same cause. It puts faith back into the human race! :)

Chuzai Living

I just did this today. I know that it is already the 18th in Japan, but I thought better than not doing it at all. I wanted to support my home country and I am deeply moved by how many thoughtful people are out there. Even though I was too late, I wanted to spread the word. I apologize that I didn’t keep the silence on my blog on the 18th in order to post about your wonderful cause to support Japan. If it’s okay with you, I would like to be part of the bloggers day of silence. Thank you for doing this. As a Japanese national, I thank you all for doing this wonderful project to show your love to Japan and the people of Japan. I’m sure they appreciate it and need it right now in this difficult time. Kaho

Ashley Therese

just found out about this, but would love to participate today!


Sono venuta a conoscenza solo ora…
il mio blog si chiama ilricettariodicinzia

Minister of Style

This is wonderful, I am in!


also adding it to my personal blog at

Almost Unschoolers

I just found this - but since I haven’t posted yet today - and I think it is an excellent idea - I will join in.

Maria Monica

I’m glad to partecipate with all my love


Thanks so much for organising this. I will be participating.

Nikki @ The Tolerant Vegan

I’m in, thank you for doing this


Big thanks for setting this up!

Carolina Eclectic

Thanks for this. I am glad to participate.


I am participating as well!


Great idea. I’m participating too!

Nicole Martin

I’m sure my late, rule breaking post will get lost in the shuffle… but here it is:

(after all, it’s not all about getting listed on some website!)

amanda @ baci

We’ve joined in the efforts as well - Baci Designer:!

Ali Henrie

thank you so much for putting this together.


I just found this, so I missed out on participating officially, but I’ll participate silently today, and let everyone know why there was no post on my blog tomorrow.

Maria Valinhas

thanks for starting something so special! I was looking for a way to help!
I’am participating on silence day! Blessed!


We are in and close with all our heart to the victims in Japan!

Flor Y.

We can all help in any way we can. Thank you for this.


I wanna join your action. Thanks.

Emilie Hilsenrath

Thank you for spearheading this cause and making it so easy and accessible for people to help. Congratulations on your success! Let’s keep the donations flooding in today.


Sugar and Shimmer will be participating.

Thank you for organizing.


I found it a little bit late but we are still March 18th (As an Etsy seller I also donate a % of my sale to help)…

Girl in Pink

Wonderful idea. Thank you! I am participating!


Just found you but I’m in now! Thanks for doing this.


Rachel Harrod Photography will be participating
Thank you for doing this!


I’d love to join.

Simone Pier Heymann

Proudly participating and donating

Blog is called

I’m Just Drawn that Way

Jill Carmel Photography

Brilliant idea - thank you ladies.


Glad to participate. Great initiative! Thanks for coordinating this!

Danielle N

I think what you are doing is wonderful!! Here’s the link to my blog:

and here’s my post for today:

Thank you!!

Ariel Gordon

What a great idea to raise funds and awareness. Count me in.


This is a wonderful idea; I found out about it through another blog. I’m in.

Hadley Binion

I’m in too. Thank you for doing this!

Hadley Binion will be participating as well!


For Japan With Love.


Oh wow what a great idea!! I’m in!! :D


For Japan With Love.


Oh no! I missed it! total bummer.

Everything Yellow

Thank you so much for organizing this. My brother just moved to Tokyo three weeks ago and has been working through the nights to re-establish communication lines. This is a great way to honor him and so many others whose efforts will help rebuild the country.


I am sorry I emailed you and filled up your inbox even more. I just wanted to say fantastic idea!



This is a fantastic idea, thank you for organizing this!

carolina girl in the city

I’m participating. Thank you for organizing this!

Destination I Do Magazine

Good for you for raising such awareness and hope! We’ll be participating in the blogger day of silence and will post about For Japan With Love next week. Congratulations on this movement’s success!


Thank you for organizing!


thank you for doing this


Thank you for doing this!

Jenna Wagner

This is amazing…count me in!

Mai and Josh from

You guys are amazing to do this. Ruche will be supporting your efforts as much as we can. **HUGS

Adrielle Bollin

I’m in! HUGS!




will definitely be participating…

T Spoon of Sunshine

Count me in. My blog is called T Spoon of Sunshine and you can find it at

My family is in Japan and this means the WORLD to me.

Emmeline Y.

I just saw this…hope it is not too late. Thanks for organizing this, it is truly wonderful.


je participe … love to japan

Sarah & Sarah

We’re happy to participate and thankful that you organized such an important, meaningful community event.

Amanda Doukellis

can’t wait to take part!

Jamie Marie

thank you for allowing me to participate. thoughts and prayers with japan.

Kimber Hills

Donated! Count me in … ready to spread the word. Thoughts and prayers to our friends in Japan!

Hilarye Schoyt

I will post about this right now. Great cause.

Heather Darling

I know it’s late but I’ll post this right now and then nothing for the rest of the day. Thanks for thinking this up, what a wonderful idea. Blog name is Bigger Brighter Days.

A Vermont Girl

Hand in hand, we all can make a difference and I trust that God will continue to use this as a tool in reaching the suffering of hearts in Japan. This is a beautiful way to gather the multitudes. Thank you for offering this. Bless you all, who are involved!!

Ola Ostaszewska Smit

Thank you that I can be part of it. much love. ola


I’m in, thanks!


great idea! thanks

Nicole Scott

I’m in.

Darcie Heater

Praying for our friends in Japan. Thank you for your efforts and for building awareness of how people can help!


How awesome! It may be too late - but I’ll be participating - thanks so much….

Arielle Friedman

I think this is amazing and I have posted on my blog, linking readers to For Japan With Love!

Bling of the Day

I posted about the Day of Silence on my blog last night and only just now realized I was supposed to let you know here.


I’m proud to join and donate. Thank you for organizing this!

Let The Real World Begin

I feel so blessed to be a part of the solution for Japan. Thank you for this wonderful way to reach out to and help get the word out so others will reach out to our friends in need.

kate @ the parsley thief

I left a comment this morning, but now I don’t see it. I’m in! Here’s my info again, just in case.
The Parsley Thief

Sue Anderson

Wonderful idea. I’m joining you. My blog is Sue’s News, Views ‘n Muse at



My heart aches for you Japan!

Red Letter Events

we are participating!!

Ambrosia Clark
Thank you for doing this!!!
My blog name is simply
“Ambrosia Clark”


Of course, I’m in.


I would like to participate. My blog is called What Andie Wears…

I will be posting this on my blog today. thanks for putting this together.


Great idea!
Stylelista Confessions

Kristin Love

Sending lots of love and prayers in support, I am happy to post and spread the word.


What a great idea for this cause. I am honored to be a participant.


I only just saw this but I am participating. Well done for organizing it and I’m glad to see it has gone so well for you : )


…I forgot to add my blog


This is wonderful, what a great idea! I’m happy to be a participant. ♥


I’m definitely participating in this!

Miss Becky

thanks for doing this. I’m most definitely participating.


Glad to do this and donate what I could.

Anna Gray

This is great what you guys are doing. I joined as well.


I’m a few hours late, but still linked in hopes of gaining additional donations.


so happy to donate.

Tracey @ My House of Giggles

You ladies are wonderful! I am so happy to have a chance to join in on your efforts. Thank you!

My Roman Apartment

I am participating. Thank you for organizing such a beautiful thing.


This is an amazing thing. I’m participating at No Wooden Spoons.


I’m very sorry I’m a day late, but have only just found out about this, I think it’s great that you are harnessing the power of the blogging world to help Japan - great work x


i came on board a little late, but i am so glad you guys are doing this. i joined in at the last minute. :)

Pauline Nguyen

i think this an amazing thing you are doing. i participated :) i just found this recently today. so i am a little late :(


I am a little late to join in. You are doing something really wonderful. Thank you in the name of all the affected people in Japan!


I am a litte late to join in. You are doing something really wonderful and useful. Thank you in the name of all the affected people in Japan!

Maggie Munoz

I’m a little lat but i’m in. :)


Late, but we are also close to the Japanese population…


I wish I saw this earlier but its not to late. Praying for Japan..


Hi, thank you for doing this! I am taking part and have been spreading the word. I didn`t realize this is where I submit my blog until now, sorry about that. Hugs, Anika


What a wonderful thing to do! I am proud to participate. May Japan feel our love and concern for them.

Mellie Price

I’m a little late to the game, but I posted about it this morning.


will participate. love this, hope this helps alot of them! xoxo (blog name= Davong Marie)


Am participating!
Thank you for doing this!


Ten Stones - lighten up is participating and will continue to post through the end of March

Catherine Hall

I would love to participate! Is it too late? Thank you for organizing this… It’s an amazing platform to get help for the victims.

what katie's baking

i’m participating!!
i just saw this :(
i donated today, but i accidentally made a post
i deleted it though and i’ll be writing about it tomorrow


I originally intended to post about what happened in Japan today since it was a week from today but when I saw this this morning, I decided it was a great idea to join. I have two blogs, one having been inspired due to the incident! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and to everyone else who participated.

Shannon ventresca

Consider me silent!


You are an inspiration and show that one (or three) people can make a huge difference. Thank you.


I found out about your wonderful idea this afternoon. Thank you, ladies, for doing this!


Added this to the side bar of my blog so it stays up through the end of the month! AMAZING WORK GIRLS!
Mommy Chic blog


Thank you for raising awareness. I’m a day late as I read about this a moment ago through Twig & Thistle. So, I’ve taken todays post down and scheduled it for tomorrow. :-)

Thanks again!


Love to Participate! Thanks! :D

Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife

I am VERY late on this BUT I did donate and blog about the Day of Silence. Thank you!

Kerbi Hardwick

I blogged. Thank you for doing this.

Jelena Cotric

Thank you for a great iniciative. I am participating


I missed the day of silence but I added the information for Shelter Box on my blog. Thank you for bringing this charity ot our attention.


Also late but definitely in if ok


The Fashion Brewery Participated yesterday. Thank you for your wonderful work at spreading awareness on the need to give.


I missed the day of silence (although I we only update on Saturdays), but I will be posting a banner to donate on my blog,

Vanessa@Decor Happy

Congrats on the success of this initiative! I posted yesterday:


Thank you very much for your warm help to Japan.
Japanese people deeply appreciate it.

Liz B

Although I missed the day of silence (I didnt post anyway) thank you for creating a place to donate.


I participated on Friday — such a fantastic idea for such a good cause. Thanks for helping me find a small way to help!


I joined on the day of silence <3
I think it’s wonderful that you guys are doing this! <3


Thanks from Japan.

Lucy @ dreamingaloudnet

I found out about this too late - but I posted my own For Japan with Love post earlier in the week, a tribute in words and images to a country and culture I hold dear


Hello, I’m glad I found your blog, I’m very late but I’m still participating,please include us in the link. I have a friend who live in Nagoya Japan, but they were safe thanks God. Were praying for Japan, from the Philippines.


Hi, I am Japanese and live in California. I knew this event in one of the blogs, but unfortunately I just read this article after 18, so I didn’t get the chance to join the Bloggers Day of Silence. I was so impressed reading your article and to learn of this event. I thank you for your support. I introduced your event to Japanese who live in Japan in my blog.

Elizabeth Hannum

This is such a wonderful idea and I am so happy to participate. Much love to utterlyengaged and to Japan!

xoxo, the budgetista

Kelsey Gerhard

So I commented and posted on Thursday, but totally forgot to put my link…
I’m thrilled with how much money has been raised… wonderful!


I know I’m a little late to the post (I’ve been away on Spring Break), but I would still like to participate, if possible. I wrote up an article today on your amazing donation efforts and donated myself this morning. Here’s the link to my blog:

Thanks for organizing such a great fundraiser!

lexia frank

wonderful idea, i can’t wait to participate. i’ll be donating as well! love to you Japan…


Sending this to you a bit late, but I did participate and donated…

kim {notcrazy}

i posted this before but just wanted to make sure you got it…

thank you for this great effort! xo

Pretty I See

Love it! Such a great cause.

Pretty I See

Thank you for doing this!

Création de site vitrine

Congrats on the success of this initiative!

Stéphane Thirion

Thank you

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