March 14

For Japan With Love


We’ve all seen the images and videos rolling in of the devastation from the Japan earthquake and tsunamis.  While aftershocks and tsunami scares are still happening days later, the nation is in for a long long road of recovery.  So far, the death toll is estimated to be 2,000.  In just one town, 9,500 are missing. Not only do the survivors have to suffer the loss of loved ones, but as temperatures fall, electricity, water and food are now scarce to none.  Many have tried to go back to their homes and to start picking up the pieces, only to find the tsunamis have plowed their homes down and there is literally nothing for them to come home to.  Convenience stores have lines hours long and a limit of 10 items to each person.  The second crisis has only begun and so many are left helpless.


We are not ones to sit and not do something about this.  While as much as we’d like to hop on a plane and fly on over there to help with the search and rescue, the immediate need for help for those in Japan is the dire need for shelter.  So we at Utterly Engaged have teamed up with the amazing Lydia of Ever Ours and created a fundraising page that’s specifically geared to help with that. We have handpicked ShelterBox as the organization to donate to.

ShelterBox provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most. Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items.

Please join us. We know it won’t save the nation, but we strongly believe every little helps.  Whatever you can contribute, we truly appreciate.


Also, if you are a blogger, please join us in a Day of Silence this coming Friday, March 18th.  All this means is no posts on Friday, in memory for the victims of Japan.  However, we do ask you post a little announcement the day before, Thursday, March 17th, that you are doing so and to ask your readers to join in donating and link this page on your blog post announcement. If you’re interested in being a part this, please contact and / or Thank you and God bless.

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Michaela @ bliss!

what a great project, you gals!

i’ll participate in the day of silence for sure.


Count me in on this!

Justine @ Urban Scarlet

what a great idea! please include me on the list, i absolutely want to contribute in any way i can :)

Anne Schultz

count Hello Hanna in, anything to help our friends in Japan.

The Candy Buffet

We would love to help!


count me in! Wonderful idea ladies!! Every little bit helps.

Kori Clark

This is a wonderful thing you are doing and I am glad to help in any way possible! I will join you in a day of silence on Friday!

erin * sparkle & hay

i am 100% in!!


Such a kind and generous thing you are doing. I will be participating and will help in any way I can.

Katie | Invitations by Ajalon

def taking part!!

Wilmara Manuel

I will participate in the Day of Silence and will donate as well. This struck home as I am from Haiti and last year the earthquake struck my homeland. It’s a difficult time and they need our help!


I will definitely be participating and spreading the word. It is so wonderful that you have organized this.


I’ve already donated

But would like to participate in Bloggers’ silence day. I live in Singapore, have friends in Japan so this is something close to my heart..

{- Luxury and Opulence -}

This is such a great cause - thank you for organising. Please count me in!

{- luxury and opulence -} :


I am participating!


I am participating too


I’m not a huge blogger, but feel that everyone makes a difference. I will be observing a day of silence on Friday.


Please count me in!


You can count us in!

Andrea @ Paper-Charmed

I’m in! Thanks for putting this together!


Great work guys! I have posted about your amazing efforts on my blog over here:

The Wedding Chicks

We will be observing the day of silence on Friday. Thanks for all your hard work.

The Seeker

I’m doing a post about your work and will be observing the day of silence on Friday.
God bless you for your hard work!!!!

jules blaine davis

incredible… just posted this & will be silent on the 18th with love.
thank you for all your work !

amy tangerine

hi, just posted, thank you so much for always being such an inspiration.


Would love to participate.
And heading over to donate now.


thanks for doing this - i am totally in!

Ericka Sanchez

Please include me. I will be spreading the word. Thank you!


HI! What a great initiativ! My heart goea out to my home country as a child and my japanese friends. I’m in:)

kim {notcrazy}

i’m definitely in. thanks so much for making this happen!


Amazing that you’ve organised this, a fantastic idea. I’m in!


I’m in and I am fundraising too


Who wouldn’t want to help out! Of course count me in! Amazing idea.

Rosy Sambwa

I’m in!


I’m in and I am fundraising too:


absolutely! count me in.


Thank you for organizing such a great effort. I did a post about the posters being designed to raise money yesterday and am happy to have something else I can do to encourage readers to get involved. I’m in.


I am in! My heart cries every time when I see news about Japan. :(


this is so amazing! count me in!


great idea, i’m participating :)


Love this idea. I’m in.


I will gladly participate. Thanks for putting this fantastic movement together to raise awareness- Alexandra @ Becoming Audrey

Kip Beelman

So happy to be a part of this and help however I can.


this is so great, count me in!

Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos

Cooking In Stilettos will be participating - definitely! Our Friday posts can wait - this is way more important!

Life Tastes Like Food

I just posted. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.


Rubow Happenings is participating!

Sarah Lemelin

Looking forward to participating!


i will be participating


Thank you for creating an outlet for so many to participate in helping Japan.
Just posted:
Hit very close to home.

The Classic Preppy Blog

Great idea….posting and tweeting now, and on my way to the contribution page.

Ana Soares

Count me in for the silence and meditation on relief.


I am participating.


I will be participating! Great idea and I will pass it along:)


Definitely in on this. Thanks for organizing it!


Seems that my comment didn’t go through.
We take part. It’s a nice action.


this is really cool. my tiny blog is participating! thanks for organizing.


Fantastic idea. I will be participating.. heading to my blog now to post this. I see you have already tripled your money goal. Amazing.

Katie Brown Workshop

Any way to help- so happy to see we’ve surpassed the goal already!


I’m in and wrote on my freelance site hoping to encourage others.

Lindelle Bell

I will also be participating and will also bring more awareness to For Japan with Love.
Thank you for creating this!

~ calista ~

I will participate! Thank you so much for putting this together!

Laureen Botticelli

I would love to participate too!!


no blogpost for me tomorrow: i’m taking part as well!

Desiré Greene

I’m a little late but will definitely participate! The House of Sukio (


I’m with you so I’ll make my bloggin’ silence day tomorrow for Japan helping they all will overcome this tragedy.

Jordan Thompson

We are going to be participating!


I would love to participating.


I’m in….if only we could do more….

Jen {Tiny Oranges}

I will be participating and my blog is called Tiny Oranges and can be found at Thank you for this amazing effort…


totally in! blogging about it now! God Bless!

Rosie @ Sweetapolita

I’m a bit late, but I am definitely in. You guys are amazing. xo

Carolina Benoit

Count me in. A little late.


i will be participating. it’s really beautiful to see the blogger community recognizing and trying to do what we can. and i am one to also really believe that every small thing makes a difference.

thank you for organizing this. you are wonderful.

Katharine@ Just A Thought

Count me in, I’ve just posted , and am happy to join in!


I’m in - a little late but hopefully helping to spread the word.


Vielen Dank für diese Aktion. Auf meinem Blog läuft gerade eine Spendenauktion und ich werde am Sonntag noch einen weiteren Betrag spenden.
Am Tag der Stille nehme ich auf jeden Fall teil
Herzliche Grüße


I am participating… thank you so much for putting this together.

Lisa Mallard

One Love


Simon and Ruby will be participating and sharing the word!


Count on me. Made a post about it just now.
My prayers are for the people in Japan.


I will be posting and sharing this link for my readers to see!


excited to be a part of this!!
thank you!!


I’m very late in getting my post up, but please do count me in. This is such a wonderful thing you all are doing. <3

Kim Myl

Hello, I’ve donated but feel so helpless. Have family over there and can’t get in touch with them. Very sad…would be honored to be a part of this, xoxo


It is an honor to be a part of this, it feels good to donate, I only wish I could do even more! You guys deserve a big pat on the back, wow, over $25,000 so far, it’s amazing what a blogging community can do! Of course I will share, I hope you can triple that $25,000!!

Alpha Borriboonratana - Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup Artistry

I just donated to this amazing cause. My heart and prayers go out to all of Japan.

Saule Pieva

Thank You for this idea!

Shauna Benoit - K & S Photography

Please count K & S Photography, in. We posted this to our blog yesterday.


I’m involved..


hi there, i think this is an amazing campaign and will be participating; my blog name is Fashion Bag 411 and the address is…thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to unite with other bloggers for such an amazing cause!
Fashion Bag 411


Seeing how the fashion community has come together during this crisis is inspiring. It’s all made me think of this quote by Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” We have created a spot on our site for all fashion-related causes which seek to help in the Japan crisis.:

This is admirable. Keep up the good work!


please count me in!!!

Carolina Photosmith

Seems my original comment didn’t make it through, but I’m participating. Closing in on $30K. Great idea!

Julie & Lauren

Wonderful! Please consider us in and include us in the roster- Born and Bread.

Tim Lion

End User View - count me in - late I know - but I won’t post today, well done.


Thanks for putting this together.


I *did* post today, but I wanted to get the word out. Thank you, again for doing this!

Yaneli Rubio

I and my blog are so in! Amazing work!
God bless all in Japan and those helping.
(In These Days of Lenten Season;


I’m sorry I discovered it just this morning, anyway I decide to remove my post and substitute it with a new one with links related to donations.

Jacqueline Nicole

I’d love to help!

xo, Turbeillen

Jacqueline Nicole

Would love to help! xoxo to Japan


I’m joining in! and donating, of course!!

jenn elliott blake - bow tie & bustle

Incredibly honored to participate and would love to help in any way I can!

Pink Rickshaw

I’m in! Thanks!

Heather Leggett

Just posted & donated, as well! Thanks for doing this!


Just saw this this morning before I posted on our blog! Count us in. Am going to tweet and FB about it. Thanks so much for starting this!

Debbie Brodsky

Count me in too! Nice to see so much love being expressed!! Yay bloggers! Great job for starting this!

Kris young

Thank you for this opportunity to help!!! Kris

anna and the ring

I know I am very late but I have posted too
Twittering as I type!


I know it’s late, but I just found out about this and posted. Thanks!!

Fri Forjindam

We’re IN!

Joanna Abizaid

Forgot to post here but I did participate today. Thanks for organizing. So glad to part of such a neat cause.

Lydia Rosene

forgot my blog name and website yesterday.

Simply Tidy

Nina Vintage

This is a great cause. I shared the love as well!!

Nina Vintage

This is a great cause. I shared the love as well. ♥


I shared as well, $5000 away from goal! WOW!

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