Your Wedding Room Block Booked the Smart Way

Picture this. Your wedding is in a couple of days. Your gown is hanging in your room already steamed, the programs have been printed and ready to hand out, your planner has confirmed that your cake and flowers will be delivered as scheduled for the big day. By now you should be lounging with your girlfriends, counting the days to that much anticipated day when you’ll be standing next to your man at the altar.

But wait, you’re not. Instead, you’re on the phone, while simultaneously and frantically emailing a bazillion hotels around the area, trying to figure out which hotel will let Aunt Joan bring her puppy into her room, and where you can have Uncle Joe and his family stay, and the rest of your visiting guests with all their different last-minute requests. And how will they all get to the wedding from their hotels??

Let’s just say, that didn’t really happen and it was just a bad dream and you still got months before your wedding. Phew! Well, we want to make sure you don’t get there and save you from that nightmare.

So let us introduce you to Jason Shames, the CEO & Founder of Jetaport. He created this online travel agency website, specializing in group hotel bookings, and has saved so many couples from this very scenario. His website is designed with YOU in mind and is so easy and simple to use! We wanted to get behind this awesome site and decided to sit him down for a little Q&A.

What got you to launch Jetaport?
While I was planning my own wedding a little over a year ago, my fiance put me in charge of setting up room blocks for our out-of-town friends and family. After about a week of leaving messages, emailing back and forth, and scouring Google for answers, I thought to myself this is crazy; there has to be a better way. Jetaport was born out of the unnecessary stress of planning my own wedding room block.

Did you experience this personally when you were planning your wedding?
I definitely did. I think most people have never experienced the room block hassle as most people do not need to book 9+ hotel rooms every day. Jetaport is really just one of those things that I wish was around when I was planning my wedding.


What made Jetaport so awesome?
We’ve got a great team here that wants to make life as easy as possible for everyone who works with us.  So, even though we are a tech company, we’re also extremely service based and complement our technological platform with the highest level of customer care. I know all our brides really appreciate that.


Is there a fee to use Jetaport?
Absolutely not. We are completely free for all brides and grooms-to-be. We get compensated by hotels for our service.

My visiting family and guests are requesting all kinds of things for their rooms. Can you help?
If you think your family is picky, you’ve clearly never been to one of my families’ events, haha.  Bring it on. We’re always happy to help work with any special requests.

Do you have any tips for couples preparing to welcome traveling guests?
It’s no task to take lightly. While it doesn’t get as much attention as other stuff like the flowers or the invitations, a wedding room block is a core element of any wedding weekend as a whole.  For me, the most special weddings are the ones where a lot of the guests stay at the same hotel. There’s a unique sort of intimacy that comes with all your close friends and family staying under the same roof to celebrate your wedding with you and with each other. I don’t mean to be too sappy here, but it’s one of my favorite parts of a complete and fantastic wedding.

So… onto some advice.  You should do some preliminary research  Find out what hotels are near your venue, in your price range, and have the amenities you’re looking for. Sometimes people go a little overboard with room blocks and get them at like 10 hotels. You really shouldn’t split guests up at more than 2 hotels. I know you want to give your guests options, but it’s much better to have everyone together. You can use Jetaport to get offers from your favorite hotels and have dedicated travel advisor helping you every step of the way. We’re really a great resource for anyone planning a room block. Lastly, encourage everyone that’s coming in from out of town to book in your block so they can save money and take part in the fun. Remember, if you have your close friends and family book early, hotels will often add more rooms to your block so you can have even more people stay at the hotel!

There you have it. After getting to know him better, we think he should wear a cape and be called Jetman, but nonetheless, Jason and Jetaport can save your day. Or at least they’ll find better ways to save you money while helping you plan and book your group hotel block.