Word on the Street: Issue Nº 22 is LIVE and it’s A Black Tie Affair!


We’re so excited to announce that Issue Nº 22 is LIVE and it’s A Black Tie Affair!

Wedding trends are constantly changing with time, from the style of gown brides should don for their big day, to the hottest ring they should rock, to the way they wear their hair. But one thing never goes out of style, and that’s class. In this issue, we celebrate classic wedding styles that will stand the test of time.

Brides can take inspiration from styles of the past. Chelsea Tyler of Everthine, a bridal boutique in Connecticut, was inspired by the roaring twenties and brought back that luxurious era with a modern twist in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Fashion can also go beyond your attire. See how three cake designers take the feminine lines and rich textures from a Vera Wang collection of dresses and turn it into cake that’s almost good enough to wear in Rough Cut Diamonds. In this issue, we also celebrate love that has stood the test of time. High school sweethearts Thao and Robert have been together for 15 years and are still finding new ways to love each other every day. And that’s what marriage should be about.

We hope this issue will inspire you to celebrate your wedding in style and class.

Lucia & Henny