Vietnamese Coffee Recipe for a Gloomy Friday

For this gloomy Friday, we think it’d be a perfect time to share a Vietnamese coffee drink recipe with a twist. This recipe’s taken from Inspired Celebrations book by Ngoc Nguyen Lay of Skybox Event Productions and it’s by nutritionist/food blogger Tram Le of Nutrition to Kitchen. I love how easy and simple her recipes are in this book. And I especially love this one because it’s going back to our Asian roots.



1 1/4 cups espresso

2 tablespoons condensed milk

1/4 cup Kahlua

Whipped cream

THE SUPER EASY DIRECTION: Combine the espresso with the condensed milk and Kahlua. Top with whipped cream.

Since this recipe’s for two servings, don’t forget to share it with your dad this weekend. He’ll love the extra kick in his morning coffee ; ) Enjoy!


If you want more super easy recipes, you can get the book and also get loads of party planning tips and ideas! (And if you flip to pg. 69 and 99, you’ll get to see the work we did for the book! Yay!)