UE Big Change Week #1 Recap


Happy Monday! We’ve had quite an eventful week last week in SF, with the launch party of Lovely Little Details new branding and site, as well as the relaunch of Blu Bungalow‘s blog by our sister design studio DL/sh Design. Nothing beats hanging out with good friends over good food!



If you remember, it was also our first week of UE Big Change. In between traveling, partying, eating and sightseeing, both Lucia and I still managed to sneak in work time (including working on our iPad in the car ride while getting car sick and running in as soon as there’s internet connection to upload our files!). I have to be honest, there were multiple times during the trip when I almost gave up and started thinking of what rap song I’d be doing. But with motivation from Lucia and our immediate cheerleaders (who sometimes would rather take us to go karaoke instead of seeing us work), we were able to check off our list despite technical difficulties and more fun alternative distractions. So now that week #1 is done, bring on week #2!

xoxo, Henny