The Most Delicious
Fried Squash Blossoms


When I had my first fried squash blossom I instantly wanted to learn how to make this delicious dish. When Chef Pace planned to show us how, I was ecstatic. That burst of creamy cheesy filling and that crunch – oh boy am I salivating just thinking about it right now! The squash blossom is definitely a gift from heaven.

Again with the crunch texture!  But this time it’s a delicate crunch.  The tempura batter in this recipe (a simple combo of club soda and flour) makes for a beautifully soft crunch and a soft warm cheesey filling.  And the really cool thing about this recipe is that the batter is light enough so that you can actually see the green and yellow of the squash blossom.  – Chef Pace


Fried Squash Blossoms, Herb Goat Cheese, Fleur de Sel
Makes about 20 pieces

What you’re going to need:
20 squash blossoms
1 lb. goat cheese
fine herbs like parsley, mint, basil
1/2-1 cup club soda
1 cup AP flour
fleur de sel
vegetable oil for frying


How to make it:

Remove piston from squash blossom carefully without tearing the blossom.

Combine goat cheese and fine herbs together and season with salt. Fill in a piping bag.

Set deep fryer to 350 degrees.

Fill squash blossoms with goat cheese.



Whisk AP flour into club soda, little by little.

Dredge in club soda/AP flour mixture and then drop into deep fryer in batches of 5 or 6.

Remove when golden brown, after about 3 minutes and place on drip rack. Garnish with fleur de sel while still hot.





CREDITS { Photography by Joel of Studio EMP //  Recipe created by Taste of Pace //  Dishware fromPremiere Party Rents}