Being a wedding photographer and shooting a wide variety of events, Tiffany Gentry has a lot of insight when it comes to what sets the perfect day apart that makes it feel more intimate. It’s the quiet moments of the “Golden Hour” where she likes to shoot a couple’s first looks and romantics to take a break from the wedding celebrations to allow the bride & groom a moment to celebrate each other. So she and incredible group of wedding creative came together to create an inspirational shoot of what it would be like if a couple “escaped” for a bit. Remember, it’s moments like these that you will always cherish after the wedding day is over.

“Weddings are notoriously overwhelming so we wanted to create a space away from the festivities for the bride and groom to have a private moment. We liked the idea of creating intimate vignettes for the bride and groom to enjoy so they could celebrate each other. Joshua Tree was the perfect choice for venue with the never-ending rows of Yucca Trees illuminated by the golden, desert light. Most props were the couple’s own which I highly recommend because when a couple incorporates their own pieces into their wedding there is a sense of intimacy and comfort with the way they interact with the pieces. There’s something nice about not renting all props because it brings depth to the space. I wanted the model’s hair to feel romantic but like they could easily unravel it and whisk off to a honeymoon and Kim provided the perfect braided look”

“I knew I wanted the look and texture a bare cake would provide for the Joshua Tree back drop. Besides being gorgeous, a natural cake is perfect for all weather because it won’t melt the way a traditional buttercream would. And Tyla absolutely outdid herself. Dee created all the right moments with her florals and the eucalyptus added a very organic feel with the natural foliage.”

“We had a multitude of vendors that incorporated pieces with a lot of attention to detail to complete each look. I can’t tell you how much of an impact the smallest details can make on a wedding experience for both the guests and the bride and groom! A special hanger for the wedding dress and groom’s suit is a must have for special detail shots. You can’t wear a wedding dress everyday after the wedding so we wanted to get beautiful shots to commemorate it.”

“Joshua Tree was cold and prickly (we love you Santa Ana winds!) but provided the most incredible light and background for the perfect day.”


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