When photographer, Desi and Hovik of Modern LA Weddings first brainstormed the concept behind the photo shoot thry really wanted to showcase something unique and unexplored. They came up with the idea of the “The Art of the Groom” – the wedding day from the groom’s eyes.

Given that the shoot was a men’s wedding fashion shoot, it was already very focused on the groom and the groomsmen. It was during the storyboarding process that naturally lent itself to the groom’s story – after all, what better way to showcase men’s wedding fashion than showcasing the different moments the groom and his guys find themselves throughout the wedding day.

Desi being a photographer and Hovik being a wedding planner, they were very excited to tell this story because they know the anatomy of a wedding day so well. Often, wedding images and wedding editorial shoots focus so much on the bride and the bridesmaids – hair and makeup, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the bouquets, the highly popular bathrobe shots during getting ready. The groom’s experience is often treated as a sidenote. So they were very excited to provide an inside look into the perspective of the groom.

The moment he wakes up on his wedding day and texts his future wife while still in bed; spending time in his groom’s suite; greeting his best man and groomsman as they arrive to the venue; spending time with them before the First Look and Ceremony; and eventually seeing his beloved bride for the first time in her wedding dress. These were the moments that inspired the art direction for the different scenes- this whole other side of the wedding day that is just as romantic and essential. Giving viewers an inside look into the groom’s experience.

Being a fashion shoot, the wardrobe was something we really wanted to showcase as well which is why we picked such an electric concept like Sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is defined as “studied carelessness” and as a fashion concept for men it is a bold departure from traditional male wardrobe. It features vibrant colors, bold patterns, unexpected textures, and chic layering techniques.

Men’s wedding fashion, for the most part is very meticulous and rigid. Aside from the occasional navy blue or grey tuxedo, alternatives to the classic black tuxedo are rarely seen.

For the shoot, Pocket Square Clothing provided beautiful statement pieces like yellow blazers, plaid pants, floral ties, metal boutonnieres, and bright green socks. All of these are a beautiful demonstration into the possibilities that lie beyond mainstream men’s wedding fashion – not only offering but also revealing beauty in what is different.

What Desi and Hovik really wanted to showcase with this shoot – a different perspective on weddings – in fashion and experience.