Technology Tuesday :: Photo App and Tool

Nowadays, technology is such a big part of our life. The weird thing about it is that it keeps us connected to our family and friends when we’re not with them, but it can also take up a lot of our attention and time away from them when we are with them. Funny how that works. However, if you find the right tools and app, technology can certainly help streamline your life. One we found is Kaptur. Kaptur is a popular social discovery platform that instantly captures photos and videos from events, scattered across the web, and seamlessly collects them into a single album. Until Kaptur, there was no easy way to organize the overwhelming content posted online from well-attended and documented events, such as weddings. Check out the video to see how it works.

Another tool that could be helpful at weddings is Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi Connect X2 wireless memory card allows you to instantly and wirelessly upload cherished loving memories from your camera to your smartphone, computer or tablet. If you’re a Flickr or Facebook user, you can customize your Eye-Fi card to instantly upload the pictures to your favorite photo-sharing site. See the video to see how it works.

If you’re a professional photographer and want the images in RAW format, they have the Eye-Fi Pro X2. They also just came out with the iPhone/iPad app and Android app, so you can share on the go! Awesome! If you’re like me, I have tons of images on my camera and phone memory cards and I hardly ever find the time to sit down and upload them to my computer to share. These apps will definitely come in handy! Hope they help you share your images too! Snap away!