Dear Friends,
Do you know what makes me really nervous every single time?

There are 3 moments that always seems to happens. When I release the cover of our magazines. When I push “print” and send an issue to the printer. And lastly when we pack the magazines and ship them out to you?

Why so much fear and nervousness? It’s just that we care so much for every issue we create. It’s more than just a wedding magazine to us. We pour our time hearts, experiences, real stories, love, lessons learned, creativity, sweat and tears into each issue hoping that it moves and inspires you to love more authentically and live more intentionally.

Creating a magazine is hard work ya’ll. But the hard work is worth it because when we receive an email or a letter of encouragement from you, dear readers, it challenges us to keep moving forward, and to keep on creating and giving back to you.

So what’s the 1 secret that kicks fear in the butt? I hate to sound cliché, but it’s to JUST DO IT! There is so much truth in that. Going forward with the creative process, doing the hard work and releasing it, heals you of overcoming your fears. Fear will never disappear, but it’s telling fear, “I know you’re there, but the work is more important than you! “

Releasing is the hard part too. Because we could keep at it, keep refining and refining, but at one point you have to step away. Be at peace with your work, and move forward to releasing it. You did your absolute best, now trust in the next stage of the creative process.

So here I am, with open arms releasing to you our 5th printed magazine. AH Volume 5 is coming! But if you were to count all the magazines (including the digital) that we’ve created since 2009, that’s 30 magazines! WHAT?! Yes, 30 times of leaping into creating Utterly Engaged, 30 times of crushing our fears and anxieties, and 30 times of asking the hard questions, overcoming obstacles and bringing more beauty and love into the world. If we could do it 30 times, YOU can do it too. So here it is below: the cover of Volume 5 and all it’s beauty.

Thanks for reading all the way through, and I hope to see you in the comments. I would love to know…

What fears do you have that’s holding you back from living your authentic self? What are you going to do to overcome it?

Leave a comment below and let me know. I’d love to be there for you to give you encouragement that you can do it!

P.S. This time we’re doing something a little different. We’re ONLY printing pre-orders this time, so be sure to reserve your copy before March 7th. Because at midnight, I’ll be overcoming my next fear, sending it to print!

Cheers to kicking fear in the but and HOORAY for our next issue – Volume 5!

With love & encouragement,

Creative Director
of Utterly Engaged Magazine