Sarah Janks Fall 2015 Bridal Gown Collection


After being a week away from home, It’s feels good to be back! In case you were curious, last week I was away for a creative retreat in Sonoma to speak, to style a dinner, as well as be an attendee for a little bit of “me” time to prepare for the upcoming year. Now that I’m back and pumped to get started on some of my ideas that have been brewing in my mind, I thought this week should be a YOU week. Why don’t we get YOU inspired too? Starting with a recap of Bridal Market that happened in New York, last October.



I’m always so fascinated with designers and their creative process. So we’re going to go behind the scenes with a few designers to hear their stories. Starting with Sarah Jank‘s Fall 2015 Collection. Dive in and discover what inspired Sarah to create her latest collection of effortless, fashion-influenced bridal gowns. Thank you, Sarah, for opening up your heart and being so honest and transparent.  Your latest collection is a testament of your love and strength.

In this past year, I have had so many important people leave my life, most notably my mother who passed away suddenly and was such a great woman and a best friend. The end of a marriage, friends who came and left, all that remain of that life is memories, mostly wonderful, some dark or bittersweet. All brushes painting the portrait of what life is today. There is a great sense of loss but also of growth and appreciation therein, followed by a rebirth and new possibilities filling the void.

I hope this collection our brides enjoy wearing as a small part of the story of their big day, the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new one, of love and loss and rebirth and a celebration of beauty and happiness in a moment.

This collection is a celebration of those possibilities, with lots of sparkle and light, textural, pretty floral accents and a more mature, sensual and bolder edge than the label has voiced before.