God has an amazing way of bringing people together. I met my husband in college, which was was 30 minutes from my parents house. But it was not until we went on our first date did I find out that he lived 5 minutes from me! Today’s blog is a testimonial of that awesomeness.  Both in the entertainment industry, model Brittany met Gabriel during their freshman year at the University of Dallas when they were just 18. It was because of their common love for their faith that drew them together. “I admired him so much for his strength and courage to always seek truth and justice. I can still remember that day He asked me to be his girlfriend on a little bench in front of a church.”

After dating for a while and becoming best friends, Gabriel romantically proposed to Brittany in Rome! Inspired by this story, their wedding photographer Bernadette of Bramble & Vine had a wonderful idea to document their engagement at a historical church in Palos Verdes, California that reminded her of the European Elegance of Italy and it’s coastal views. Coincidentally, where the went The Neighborhood Church it was actually built as a mansion in 1927 by an Italian architect in the fashion of villas along the Mediterranean. Just like how they met, this moment was truly meant to be.

Their Proposal

During the Christmas holiday, Gabriel sweetly told her family that he was going to take her to Italy and propose. It was not until the following Fall season, did they fly to Rome where the moment happened. “We were so blown away by the people, food, and architecture. Keep in mind, during our time in Rome, I had no idea he was going to propose. On the day he did want to do it, he was hoping to doing it at the Vatican during sunset, but sadly it was raining heavily. Determined to see him smile, I told him that we would get his photo regardless of the weather. So we did. As I was standing in the middle of the square, the lampposts started shining. And sweetly, He proposed right then and there.”

What do you love about Gabe? He is always himself no matter what or in any group. I also love that he’s such a nerd at heart.

Is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other? We both have the same morals and values. Personality wise, we’re pretty different. I’m more laid back and he’s more opinionated.

What’s the secret to having a successful relationship and career simultaneously? I love working but I always make sure to make food for him whenever I’m home. And I’m doing much better at keeping the house clean, which he loves because he’s really clean. I try to workout also in the morning while he’s asleep so I can spend as much time with him when we’re both not working.

What personality trait does Gabe have that you wish you had more of? I wish I was more creative! His vision is insane. He’s an amazing writer, creates incredible videos, has the most beautiful voice… basically the Midas touch with everything he does.

What has been the best marriage advice you’ve received? Proverbs 31

What do you always do together to improve your relationship? I try to better myself mentally, physically, and spiritually every day. He’s also more particular than I am so I’ll make sure to find out how he likes something, and keep consistent on that.

How do you feel loved by him? He always compliments me and prays for me.

If you could say one thing to him right now what would you say?  I love you.

Photography by Bramble & Vine  |  Location The Neighborhood Church