On a storming, rainy, thunder crackling day Jordan and Matt married themselves in front of Braindard Lake in Colorado. There were moose all around, low misty clouds, and the most heartfelt display of love and commitment. Jordan and Matt traveled to Colorado from North Carolina to say their vows to each other and it was worth the 1700 mile trip, because their wedding day was absolutely stunning and a day that they will never ever forget.

Jordan is an artist and illustrated and lettered the announcement that included a perfect drawing of the bride and groom. Jordan wore a simple white dress and dressed up her pretty pixie cut with a asymmetrical flower crown while holding a matching bouquet, both made by manzanita floral. Matt wore a clean cut navy suit with brown leather shoes and rocked a colorful boutonniere made by manzanita floral as well.


Right after they found the perfect spot to exchange their vows, thunder crackled and rumbled around them and it made the moment they exchanged vows intense and a scenery that much more epic. Jordan and Matt spent their wedding day exploring the wilderness around Brainard Lake and after hoping to see at least one moose they were lucky enough to see two!