Remembering Japan… One Year Later

This Sunday marks one year since the tragic earthquake and tsunamis hit Japan on 3.11.11. The feeling of horror and devastation is still fresh in our hearts and our minds, seeing the images and footage reappearing all over the ‘net today as we approach the one year anniversary of that tragedy.

We want to take this time to honor the lives lost and lives saved in Japan and remember the incredible response to For Japan With Love, a grassroots movement that started from an idea and blossomed into a movement of hope and love, from our family and friends in the wedding and blogging community all over the world. Thanks to you, we raised $66,733 from 1,407 individuals in two weeks and had over 1200 bloggers involved with Blogger Day of Silence, still something we can hardly fathom. The grand total from For Japan With Love is still growing, with the San Francisco Charity Benefit, Fizz & Frills, and our Leap Year Remix Party, the updated total is approximately over $73,000.That’s approximately over 730 people that you’ve helped! To read a personal thank you letter from Emily Sperling, the President of ShelterBox USA, click here.

This Saturday night/Sunday, Lydia of Ever Ours, Lucia and I invite you to join us in remembrance and post the banner below either on facebook, twitter, or on your blog this weekend.


It’s easy to forget when you’re not there to see what’s going on, but if you can just take one minute, one moment to remember, that would mean the world to the families touched by this event. Thank you again for your overwhelming support and encouragement with For Japan With Love. We are eternally grateful.

xoxo, Lucia and Henny