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These baby’s breath arrangements are a great way to achieve the “lush” floral look without breaking the bank, don’t you think?


We recently posed a question on our twitter asking our followers what “budget savvy” meant to them. We got a range of responses from people who thought it had a positive connotation to people who felt it was a negative concept. Our intentions are to portray budget savvy as a positive, of course! However, we are also extremely interested in hearing criticisms of the “budget savvy” concept because it helps us understand how we can better get our ideas across to our readers, as well as evolve and grow as a magazine.

I posted these centerpieces in part because I felt that they were a good example of what I have in mind when I think of “budget savvy.” The use of baby’s breath could be two-fold — for example, a couple may use it because they want to achieve the “lush, white floral” centerpiece, but other more expensive, exotic flowers just do not fit within their budget. The baby’s breath provides a nice alternative, is budget-friendly, and still satisfies the couple’s vision. Another use for the baby’s breath may be that flowers just aren’t a big priority for the couple and they choose to spend their money elsewhere for the wedding — on food, decor, etc. Both of these options take research, knowledge and creativity to achieve the perfect wedding according to the couple’s vision, while staying within their budget.

That’s my take on the issue! We would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

[Image via White Lilac, Inc.]



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