Reaching to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

It’s been over a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, and while we watched updates on the news, a familiar feeling we had when we saw what happened in Japan last year, creeped in. It’s that state of disbelief and helplessness, while we sit in our comfortable homes, wondering what they must be going through. Homes torn down, burned and flooded, shortage of gas, more than millions without power and hot water, and the list goes on. With the weather dropping and another winter storm approaching New York and New Jersey, it’s going to be even more difficult to get through the next few weeks with all the repairs they still have yet to tackle. So we’ve asked Lydia of Ever Ours to help us compile a list of organizations that are looking for volunteers and also ways you can donate and help out. We’ve seen how our community have come together through For Japan With Love, and we totally believe that “ever little helps”. So let’s keep our friends on the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers and help them any way we can. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

xoxo, Lucia & Henny


Looking for volunteers:

Samaritan’s Purse

Occupy Sandy New Jersey/New York

Help Seniors on Far Rockaway

Rockaway Relief (a huge list of not just volunteer help but also what supplies are needed)

Hurricane Relief for Staten Island


Advance NYC

Occupy Sandy: NYC Relief

Ali Forney Center Hurricane Sandy Relief

New York Cares- Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy