Pop! Fizz! Clink! A Toast to celebrate!

This past weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating my husband’s graduation with friends and family. And what’s a party without some bubbly and a toast! We popped open this bottle of Fizz56, a sparkling red Italian wine, and were pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste and the bubblies (all 56 million of them!). Now, I’m not much of a wine drinker, or any alcoholic drinks, period, but I cannot stop thinking about this wine! There’s something about the taste that is so memorable.


We also got to treat out-of-town family to a Seven Daughters Moscato, a slightly effervescent wine from California, but made of grapes sourced from Northeastern Italy. It was also delightfully sweet and fresh! Love it!

Fizz 56 would be great for a bachelorette night with your girls, and Seven Daughters Moscato would be perfect for a bridal shower luncheon. You can order them online, or at your local fine wine shops.



Fizz56 comes from a small winery nestled in the heart of Piedmont, known for their outstanding Brachetto.  Brachetto is native to Italy and is a light-bodied red grape, highly aromatic and naturally effervescent. Commonly enjoyed as an aperitif, Fizz56 will be a fun, fresh and whimsical treat for the bride.  So pop the cork and savor the 56 million bubbles in every bottle! $20


Best known for crafting white and red blends from California grapes, Seven Daughters now also produces single varietal wines including a 100-percent Moscato, whose grapes are sourced from northeastern Italy. It has a sweet floral aroma of peach and honey and the distinct natural fragrance of the Moscato grape.  Zippy and fresh on the palate, this slightly effervescent wine will be sure to pair with any slice of cake on the table. $15