Happy September 1st! Fall is coming close and we’re so ready to take out our boots, jeans, sweaters and scarves. We might not have a full fledge Fall season in Southern California, but we’re close enough. The temperature will change soon and pumpkin spice lattes will be the new norm.  To start the first day of September, we reached out to Joanna August to give us some insight for wedding trends coming this Fall. And guess what it is? Pastels!

Fall brides are cool brides – and not just because of the temperature. But while the air may be chilly, this fall, brides are warming up their color palettes, opting for soft neutrals and cheerful pastels over more the traditional earthy, autumn hues. This season has a palette all it’s own: blush, sand, mint, peach and cream shades perfectly compliment an outdoorsy, rustic theme and for the sophisticated soirée silver can’t miss. Whether choosing one soft shade or mixing and matching a variety of colors to complete the look, exchanging vows amid leaves of changing colors has never looked so pretty!”