Offbeat Bride Goes on Her Honeymoon

alisonLooking for a unique honeymoon destination? Forget Paris, Italy and relaxing island resorts. The offbeat bride wants some adventure, right?

Forbes Traveler has compiled a list of 10 Unique Honeymoons, and boy are some of them amazing! I thought the most unique destinations included:


[A cruise to the Arctic Circle! I’m cold just thinking about it!]


[Honeymoon on an African game reserve and go on daily safaris]


[Explore caves in New Zealand ]


[ Volunteer in South America ]

Some of these honeymoons can be a bit pricey, but they can serve as a good source of inspiration! Instead of going on a cruise to the Arctic Circle, why not an Alaskan cruise? How about incorporating a day of volunteering into your honeymoon? Think outside the box!

[Images from Forbes Traveler ]