Tuesday August 18th, 2015

Happy 6th! SIX days of Giveaways

I am so excited to finally launch our brand spankin’ new website. I’ve spent lots of late nights planning and brainstorming the perfect website that I always wanted to have when I was getting married. When I looked and saw that there was nothing out there like it, I decided to let’s do it! So here we are celebrating the launch of something that I could say I’m truly proud of you. I hope you explore, discover, search, love, forge new friendships and make this place your home away from home. To commemorate our achievement we’re having 6 days of giveaways! Why 6 days? Because we’re celebrating our 6th BIRTHDAY! YAY! So everyday, starting today, for 6 days expect lots of goodies from us. So keep coming back to check below to see what we’re giving away.  Happy birthday to us and happy day for you!

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