My Date Night Challenge

Remember my post from last week? I forgot to mention that our official wedding date was also our 5th Anniversary together. It made it easier for us to celebrate since it was the same date BUT our unofficial wedding added another date for us. Sometimes I find it hard to keep track of the number of years of our real anniversary and our unofficial anniversary!! Thank goodness I have a good memory when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries!! Anyway, Friday the 8th was our unofficial anniversary. We still celebrate it because I love any reason to celebrate our relationship! Too often we go about our daily lives taking each other for granted. So I jump on any opportunity to spend quality time with my husband.

In this economy, everyone could use a little extra penny pinching right? So I thought about doing my own “Date Night Challenge“. Unfortunately, Mr. C was feeling under the weather so he vetoed many of my ideas… {doh!} But if I could have picked any date, this would be my idea of money well spent.

3:30pm   Market run to pick up snacks and drinks  {$20}

4:00pm   Pack up the car with our cooler, snacks, and our dog  {$0}

4:15pm   Drive to Newport Beach for a stroll on the boardwalk  {$2.50 for metered parking}

4:30pm   Take a leisurely walk and hopefully catch the sunset  {$0 }

5:00pm   Open the back of my wagon, lay the back seat down & chow down and play card games  {$0}

6:00pm   Pack up the car and head towards Cheesecake Factory for Red Velvet Cheesecake ($8.50)

6:45pm  Head home to cuddle on the couch and watch movies on cable  {$0}

8:00 pm  Pass out from food coma!  {$0}

Total $ spent: $31

I love that this economy makes us be more creative. Yes, being wined and dined can be great, but for me, being creative and using what we have makes it so much more special. We’re happy just staying home, making dinner and watching movies. Happiness is the 2 of us squeezing on our over sized couch with our LARGE dog. What would your ideal date night be if you only had $40 to spend?