I love learning something new everyday and while shooting our next recipe, Chef Pace introduced me to an incredible mushroom called morel. Since she’s the chef, I’m going to let her explain this little gem. “My excitement for morels may exceed my excitement for truffles. There is something so mesmerizing about their odd elongated football shape and sponge-like texture. The morel is a true reflection of wonderment: sprouting up through the wet ground laced with chartreuse leaves from neighboring flora. And I like to show it off in it’s full shape whenever possible. I love this recipe because it is a simple way to showcase these little gems. And the licorice flavor from the Pernod adds just the right of complexity to the dish.” – Chef Pace

Morels, Asparagus, Pea Tendrils, Poached Egg, Torn Bread Crouton
Serves: 4


What you would need:
1 lb. morels
2 lbs. asparagus, blanched, shocked, sliced on the bias into 1 1’2” pieces
6 each eggs
1 each shallot
2 oz. butter
1 cup torn bread pieces
dash pernod
Garnish pea tendrils
White vinegar for egg poaching
Blend oil for toasting
S & P to taste



How to make it:

Sautee morels on low heat with butter. About half way through cooking them, add shallots and soften. Deglaze pan with a dash of pernod- beware the flame and hold pan out from under any-thing where the flame will reach. Flame will subside as soon as the alcohol cooks off.




At the end add asparagus and pea tendrils and crank the heat without burning the shallots.

Heat cast iron skillet. Toss pea tendrils in olive oil, salt and a little pepper. Grill pea tendrils until charred.

Toast bread crumbs in 350 degree oven until crunchy. Can under-cook them slightly on inside if you are serving them a la minute.

Bring water to a boil. Add vinegar. Create a vortex by stirring a wooden spoon in a circular mo-tion in the water- the theory behind this technique is that the egg whites will attach to them-selves within the vortex. Poach eggs and serve a top morel, asparagus, torn bread mixture. Garnish with coarsely ground black pepper and pea tendrils.




CREDITS { Photography by Joel of Studio EMP //  Recipe created by Taste of Pace //  Dishware from Premiere Party Rents}