CHIAROSCURO: An Italian term for dark and light contrasts. The creators of the shoot were so inspired by the way bold darks contrasts with warm light colors that reminded them what the heart of marriage looks and feels like. Where both, the husband and wife, freely surrenders the darkest parts of their souls but fully embraces the light they see within each other that brings joy and peace; a lovely blend of our faults and beauty. This contrast keeps them grounded, holding on to what is real and true.

“When I studied art in Italy, we sat in a room with chipping paint, exposed brick, paint stained ground, and centuries old fresco ceilings. This remembered setting inspired me to paint two original art pieces to use as the backdrop for a possible artist wedding. These paintings are central to each detail included in the shoot. The invitation suite suggesting to guests a painterly theme. The cake’s rough textures suggesting the brush strokes used in the original art. I also placed the cake on a painter’s ladder, an unexpected twist to a traditional cake table. A raw canvas painterdrop cloth drapes the table setting providing a subtle way to incorporate a studio feel, yet paired with fine china and beautiful lace runner, maintains a high-end elegance. The florals are also a focal point while also participating in the art installation. The sweeping ferns frame the table setting and create leading lines drawing the eye to the painting.” – Brie Walter of Brie’s Honeybees and Flowers