Monday Musing :: Wishing for My Solemates

Happy Monday! Today’s a new day to a new week and I’m feeling good! I put a little extra effort to look good today too, did my hair different, and instead of going to my same ol’ stuff, I actually put together an outfit. Got more pep in my step today. Until I look down and realized the one thing I forgot was what my feet was stepping in. Flip flops!!! Yikes! I just went into work with flip flops on! If this were Friday, I might be able to swing it, but it’s Monday! Doh!



It’s days like this when I wish I have my Solemates with me. If you’re not familiar with Solemates, they’re these super flexible, ballet-looking flats that fold and go in a little bag that fit in practically any purse (unless you have a skinny clutch). They’re super comfy and compact, and forms to your feet like gloves! I just can’t rave enough about them and can really use them right now, before HR finds me walking around in flip flops in the hallway. So today’s plan is to hide behind my desk, which is a shame since I look so damn good to be hiding. Oh well. Maybe I’ll strut my stuff just a bit, and if I run into HR, I can come up with some lame excuse that my feet have this condition where they need to be aired all day (okay, that’s a bit gross).

Anyways, Lucy apparently loves hers too. When we went to our intern Connie’s wedding last weekend, she brought hers along and couldn’t be happier she did. Here’s what she has to say, “I was at an outdoor wedding (imagine grass, dirt, uneven ground – a girl’s nightmare in platforms). But after all the hard work of looking good and keeping my balance, my feet was killing me! I needed my feet to breathe and slipping them into the Solemates was like slipping into bed with clean sheets! What a big sigh of relief and an alleluia!”

Like Lucy said, this would be awesome at weddings! For guests and the wedding party! ‘Cuz we all know how much looking good is important to us girls, but if we can slip into something that’s equally as cute and be comfy, that’s even better! The only thing I’d wish for is that they’d come out with more fun colors. But they are available in basic colors like black, silver, gold, pink and red and affordably priced at $19.99 (at that price, you can get a couple pairs in different colors!).

So that sums up my Monday musing. Here’s to a lovely, feel-good-and-look-good Monday!

xoxo, Henny V.

This post has been written in courtesy of Solemates