To be happy in marriage is not something that just happens. A beautiful marriage is created. It is to never be too old to hold hands, it is remembering to say I love you. It is standing together facing the world. It is not expecting perfection in one another but rather it is cultivating flexibility, patience, and of course understanding

PROPOSAL STORY. Kevin proposed to Annie a week after her birthday. At the time, Kevin told her that it was a belated birthday brunch at the Hotel Bel Air. He had also invited a photographer and their closest friends to take part in the proposal. Hotel Bel Air has a beautiful pond with swans on its property so it was a beautiful backdrop for the proposal. Kevin walked Annie over to the pond and started pouring his heart out – unfortunately, she was too distracted by the swans in the background. After trying to divert her attention back to him, he got on one knee and proposed, with the photographer secretly taking pictures in the background.

WEDDING DETAILS. Our wedding style was a soft, romantic yet elegant. We wanted our wedding details to be simple yet with some sort of wow factor. Everything was done in creme and blush with hints of gold. But my favorite detail, and quite possibly the detail that made the design, was the addition of pretty pink silk blossom trees that were placed throughout the venue.

TRADITIONS. Growing up as Chinese Americans, it was very important for us to show our appreciation to our culture and to our family. As a result, we had a special tea ceremony to show respect to our elders. Also, in Chinese culture, white is actually not a lucky color – it is actually the opposite – as a result, nothing in our wedding design was white – everything was ivory or creme, including the bride’s wedding gown!

MEMORABLE MOMENT. We had a moment during our ceremony to thank our individual families, specifically our grandparents and our parents. They made us who we are today and it was very important to us that we made them part of our wedding. Usually, the parents walk down the aisle during the procession, but we made it so that our grandparents also walked down! We love them with all our hearts and were so happy that they were able to take part in our special day.

ADVICE TO BRIDES. Kevin would say that the wedding day is for the bride, so the groom should just sit back and let the bride take the reins on planning. But as the bride, I would say to relax and really enjoy planning – it is going to be the most fun and most stressful party you will ever plan.