Make Time For Each Other


In the past few weeks, at the Utterly Engaged HQ we’ve been working non-stop on some exciting upcoming projects. Like planning a wedding, my brain has been on “GO” mode. Everything is exciting and scary, yet I feel so inspired at the same time. When I come home and see my husband smiling at me, the feeling of being overwhelmed just goes away and I just want to make the most of our time together before we go to bed and the next day happens again. Our time together keeps me grounded. “Turning it off” helps me remember why I do what I do and it helps me see that where UE is heading is pretty awesome. Because of this, the next morning I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the day that’s ahead of me. I hope as you go on the journey to plan your wedding and your life together, that you remember to always make time for each other and for yourself. Put away the to-do list, log off Pinterest, turn off your Instagram notifications, and just BE TOGETHER. After all, this is why you’re getting married right? Here’s to more time for each other…


We’re inspired by this sweet and romantic engagement of Gwendy & David. It’s not complicated, and yet so timeless!



We can’t believe Gwendy made the crown of flowers! Isn’t it gorgeous?!




Photography by Valentina Glidden