Love is A Colorful Thing

Happy Friday! We’re three days in into the new year! How’s your new year looking so far? Are you eating healthier? Working out? Getting back into your wedding planning? Whatever you have on your goals this year, we hope you are doing what you’ve always wanted to do and going after your dreams!

This year is pretty BIG for us. We are holding our breaths for so many exciting things coming up this year (like our FIRST PRINT MAGAZINE and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! #squeals). Like many big things (such as marrying your best friend or saying I do to forever!), we are both so excited, nervous, anxious all rolled in one! We have a lot of wonderful things planned for you and really hope that you’ll love what you see in the coming months! SO… to help kick off 2014, we want to give you a sweet 14% off discount on your purchase of our first print magazine! Seriously, we are going through the issue before we send to print and it is just so unbelievably breathtaking! And that says a lot since we’ve seen so many beautiful work in the past! You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Hurry and pre-order yours today! Use code NEWYEARSALE for the discount.

We also want to remind you about our first ever BEST IN 2013 WEDDING DESIGN DETAILS AWARD! We know some of you had quite an epic 2013 and done some of your best design work yet. So let’s see them! We are looking for that design details that you put all your heart into and that you look back and thought, “That was boss.” You have until January 24, 2014 to submit your entry. We will publish winners and nominees in a special edition this March! So stop procrastinating and go find those images and submit them! Because you know they deserve the limelight and you deserve the bragging rights.

We want to end this week with an extra dose of COLORS! This colorful engagement session by The Yodsukars will do just that! Have a happy weekend!


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