David and Oksana have so much style and grace.  With Oksana being a fashion icon on instagram, and David being a prominent figure in Los Angeles, Donny Zavala captured their engagement and told their story that was so beautiful, romantic, artistically timeless and authentically them. From sharing their love for Los Angeles and the city life with us, to welcoming us to their stunning Beverly Hills home, from taking us to the popular Maison et Café for breakfast in Hollywood, and to showing us the incredible view and sunset at the amazing Griffith Observatory, we got a glimpse of what makes their relationship so special. If your curious to learn a little bit more about how they met and their engagement, head on over to Oksana’s blog. Thank you, David and Oksana, for being so real, honest, and for sharing a piece of you and your love with us today.

Photographer Donny Zavala