This past Monday, I was invited to witness the most intimate elopement of one of my girl friends. The love that her and (her than) fiance had for each other filled the room and it brought tears to the lucky few who were there to witness it. My heart is still thankful today to be a part of something so incredibly meaningful. What perfect timing it is, that we end this week with an elopement that reminded me why I love what I do. That is to tell stories that empower you to love more, live more intentional and create more meaningful moments together. – Lucia

“I am completely drawn in by beautiful intimate elopements. To me they signify two people committing to each other wholly and without reserve, forsaking all of the frenzy of planning a sizable wedding; the type of frenzy that muddles the true meaning of it all. When William contacted me with a simple and concise email explain that he and Beth wanted a destination elopement in Miami with just the two of them, the officiant, and myself (hopefully), I grew eager. What they sought they received – an intimate elopement on the shores of the historic Virginia Key Beach with just the two of them, the officiant, and I. The ceremony was sweet and simple and the moments following were beautiful as we walked the secluded beach while we made photographs that will someday be laced in the fabric of the family history they will create together. I felt honored and humbled to have been able to witness such a personal and beautiful moment and wish William & Beth a fruitful life together”.- Jeanette Polynice of To Love Photographie