How to Create a Fall Floral Wreath

diy-fall-flower-wreath1 We are in October and are nearing the holiday season. When we think of the holidays, we think of parties. When we think of parties we think of being a guest or hosting a party at your house. The first thing your guests will see when they visit a party is the exterior decor of the house. We wanted to share with you a simple, quick, fun, easy and foraged wreath DIY that will spruce up door and leave guests excited to see whats inside that door. diy-fall-flower-wreath2 Ingredients Wooden twig wreath base Maple Branch Bittersweet Orange Branch Seeded Eucalyptus Red Ranunculus Peach Ranunculus White Ranunculus Cotton Branch Round canvas sheet or hearty paper in a cream tone diy-fall-flower-wreath3 1. Start with a pre made wreath as your base. We will let you in on a little secret.. Goodwill is always stocked with funky wreaths that just need a little plucking and trimming of orignal decor. And they are usually under $3.99. 2. Start with your branches. Grabbing the Maple Branch, Cotton Branch and Bittersweet Orange Branch at random will actually give you a more foraged effect. Alternate with large and small branches. diy-fall-flower-wreath4 3. Add in your Seeded Eucalyptus. Add some on top, exposed and some a bit more concealed so they peak through the hearty branches. diy-fall-flower-wreath5 diy-fall-flower-wreath6 4. Next comes the florals. This looks best when bunched heavily in a corner, easing your way up to one side. Red, Orange and White Ranuculus were the florals we chose, but this can easily be switched out with a more seasonal floral. 5. Lastly, we took piece of canvas paper and traced a circle the diameter of the wreath. We then wrote (can be printed on or hand written in calligraphy) ‘Season Greetings’ and adhered it to the back of the wreath. Simply hang and enjoy! diy-fall-flower-wreath7 CREDITS: Photography by Mariel Hannah |   Florals by Mint Design CA |   Written & Recipe by Lotta Alexandersson