He likes his coffee black and I like mine sweet

I didn’t use to drink coffee before I met my husband. But then again, I also didn’t use to listen to country music, or like tattoos, or say “bummer”. Now, I almost always have my morning coffee before I get ready for the day. But even after 5 years of marriage, we still like our coffee different. He likes it black with one teaspoon of sugar. I like mine sweet, with 3 teaspoons of sugar and fancy refrigerated creamer with gourmet flavors added to make it  the right shade of brown (for all you designers out there, I like it as close to Pantone 4655 as possible).

When we got married five years ago, we were using an espresso maker and coffee maker to make our coffee and espresso drinks but hated how they crowded our kitchen countertop. So when single cup coffee brewers started popping up everywhere, we jumped on that bandwagon and got rid of our espresso maker and coffee maker and cleared our kitchen countertop (woohoo!). What took their place is a Keurig Vue V700, one of the most state-of-the-art brewing system out there on the market, with more ways to customize your cup of coffee (or tea) to perfection with just a touch of a button and in less than a minute! (Hooray for convenience!) Love how I have the option to brew my coffee hotter (because I’m a slow coffee drinker and hates it when it gets cold before my last sip), and my husband loves that he can brew it stronger and directly in his tall coffee mug to take to work. I have yet to try the froth option for latte-style café drinks or the iced tea option! Ooh the possibilities!


The only challenge we’re facing with it is finding the Vue cups that go in it at our local stores. Not a big deal for us because we’ve managed to get them online like here, here or here.

So even though we’ve adopted some of each other’s habits and likes (he used to despise cooking competition shows but now watches “Chopped” with me), we’re proud to preserve our individuality, even if it’s just the way we like our coffee. – Henny