How cool would it be to use the medium of my camera to capture the juxtaposition of hard versus soft? 

For example, the hardness of the models tattoos juxtaposed with the softness of the light. The hardness of the deconstructed geometric shapes juxtaposed with the fluid “stormy” water colors. The hardness of a rock and its elements juxtaposed with a dove.

Photographer, Kristen Dee, and a team of creatives came together and were inspired to mix all of these elements to create a unique styled shoot that represented who they each are as artists. Their vision translated so beautifully through the two dimensionality of photography.

We wanted to shoot in an urban location and therefore transformed a white industrial wall in the middle of downtown Dallas to a set by adding some rich greenery.

We also wanted to have a more “organic” location to juxtapose with the hardness of the white wall, so we found an evergreen field where we finished out the shoot.

Keeping the concept of hard versus soft consistent within every element, I shot with film as well as digital to give this styled shoot added dimension.

R Love Floral utilized deep winter tones which juxtaposed so nicely with the softness of cotton and the other florals. For the tablescape, Silver Lining Events really wanted to hone in on natural elements like agates and slate contrasted against the rich glass jewel tones. Veronica Cuts even tied in these natural elements with an organic fishtail braid with a crystal studded hair piece. Kara Stout dipped pears in a rich dark chocolate for our centerpieces and she created a custom dark red sangria.

Pink Champagne Paper Co did an amazing job creating an invitation suite showing the fluidity of watercolors as well as the deconstructed elements of an agate. These elements are also evident in Jar Cakery’s beautiful wedding cake.

These rich tones looked so amazing with the softer elements of the shoot. Gemelli Jewelry created a custom indigo agate cuff as well as a moonstone drop necklace that worked beautifully with the low back lace gown from Patsy’s Bridal. With all of these rich tones and the concept of hard versus soft, we declared this a “stormy winter” shoot.


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