$40 Date Night Challenge



Calling all engaged brides! With all your wedding planning and stress, it’s no doubt that you NEED to go on a date with that guy that proposed to you (yeah, remember him?). Now is your chance to be utterly creative and put together a fantastic budget savvy date night! Here’s the deal:

– Submit your idea of a fantastically fun date night for under $40.
– If your budget savvy idea gets picked, you’ll get to go on your ultimately creative escapade and put your idea to the test!
– The best part is we’re picking up the bill!

Doesn’t that sound fabulous? That’s what we thought! So go out there, get utterly creative, and have fun! Submit your idea to date@utterlyengaged.com and include your name, email, wedding date and detailed description of what you would do for a $40 date. Make sure to check out the rules before you submit. Thank you and good luck!

When you have been selected, this is what we need you to go out and do:

1. Go on your ultimately creative and budgeted date with your fiancé.
2. Capture your outing in photos, mementos, video, or anything that lets us feel like we were there too!
3. Keep your receipts.
4. Then report back to us and let us know how your idea worked out.


– The challenge is open to all engaged brides and grooms (sorry, no single or married couples please).
– Your date idea has to be completed for $40 or under. Include as many details as you can, such as the exact location(s), activities you would participate in and an estimate of the cost breakdown for the entire date.
– You can submit up to 3 date ideas per contest period.
– No repeat submission please. If your idea is not picked for the current contest period, it will be rolled over to the next period.
– One winner per contest period.
– Please note that a submission can be disqualified if it involves ideas that:

a. Depicts acts of violence or cruelty.
b. Are sexually charged
c. Are otherwise vile, nasty or uncivil.


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