{For the Grooms} Bachelor Parties by Firefly Events


When you think of bachelor parties, what comes to mind? Drunken nights and hungover mornings? Poles? A worried fiancee? Nadine Sandeluss and James Bennett wanted to reinvent the bachelor party from “a stale booze battered and drunk tattooed mess” to a “high octane, memory making journey, full of adrenaline, excitement, and adventure,” so they founded Firefly Events in 2008.

Firefly Events offers typical bachelor activities such as paintball, beer tasting, and rock climbing, but they also love to go further by offering packages that include car racing, bungee jumping, shark diving and sword fighting.


One of their most popular packages is called “Spy School” where the bachelor and his friends will spend the day cocktail making, learning self defense, and sword fighting. How cool is that?


Packages are customizable and range from $35 per person to over $1500 per person.

[Images via Firefly Events]


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