Fashion and Music Inspired Wedding at the Vibiana with David Tutera


Our bride today had NO idea what her wedding day was going to be like. She only knew the date and city. What are we talking about? David Tutera’s new show,  David Tutera Unveiled. The bride and groom that we’re sharing today, took a leap to be a part of David’s show and it turned out amazing! This upcoming weekend is their 1st year anniversary as being Mr. & Mrs. so it’s perfect timing that we’re sharing this today. Congratulations Jessica and Eveni! Sending lots of love your way.

Q: How did your meet? Tell us your love story.
A: My husband, Eveni and I met through my brother when we were both sophomores in high school! We both really liked eachother, but he was my brother’s best friend and I was dating someone at the time so we remained BEST FRIENDS until we ended up attending bible college together. After our first year of bible college we finally decided.. HEY, LET’S DATE… the rest was history! <3

Q: Tell us all about the proposal!
A: Prior to the proposal Eveni and I had been dating for 7 years… YES THAT LONG! So with that being said we had a lot of history… He decided to take me to rent a polynesian museum and I thought we were filming a promotional commercial for them.. The whole time he was getting ready to ask me to be his wife! AHHH Here’s the link to our engagement video.




Q: Tell us about finding your wedding dress.
A: Well the dress situation was pretty funny. I ended up flying to the East Coast and purchased an Allure Couture gown that I LOVED… But we ended up being on the David Tutera show which he basically changes everything up sooooo I never got to wear my dress but I absolutely loved my MonCheri Gown by David Tutera that I did actually wear. My dress was an all wear trumpet dress with beading all the way into the tulle at the bottom of the dress. It fit like a glove requiring NO ALTERATIONS.. 🙂







Q: Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?
A: Our mentors who are also the pastors that married us wrote specialized vows for us. It felt like our love story written into such a small paragraph.. My favorite phrase was:

“The song of my heart found its rhythm, the
thoughts of my mind bring one conclusion, and my spirit is at perfect peace.

When people see this ring they will know your heart has a home.”





Q: What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony?
A: We did a traditional greeting in our native tongue, Samoan and prayed in Samoan as well.

Q: What details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was it that made your wedding extra special?
A: I am very much into fashion and work in the fashion industry and my husband loves music and is a guitar player so our wedding planner gave us a runway for our ceremony and after we did our final kiss they had an amazing violinist come out and do a small concert for us. IT WAS AMAZING!

My husband and I also did a traditional Samoan dance for the wedding which is kinda like the american money dance, but we do a traditional samoan dance in traditional attire called the taualuga.






Q: What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?
A: My most memorable moment of our wedding day was standing in front of God and our family and friends and exchanging our vows and promising forever to each other. I honestly felt like there was nobody else in the room and it was just… It became official after putting a ring on his finger! I still can cry thinking about it!

Q: What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?
A: Well, since I had a very different wedding and didn’t have full control of everything it was very different because I didn’t know what dress I was wearing til the day of, didn’t know where I would be getting married, or really any of the details of my special day. I had so many hives leading up to this day along with hives on the actual day, but I got a prednisone shot to make that all go away. 😉 I guess not being in the know was pretty rough, but I sucked it up and it was the most beautiful wedding, better than anything I could’ve asked or imagined. God is good!





Q: Describe the inspiration behind the colors and design details for your wedding day.
A: I am a very glitz and glamour kinda gal. I love things that shine so I wanted lots of glitter, gold, silver, and big big big!!!! It was everything and more… It was a fashion and music theme wedding which was perfect for my fashion loving self and my music loving husby! WE LOVED IT!

Q: Your favorite detail of the wedding was:
A: My favorite detail of the entire wedding was our ceremony’s runway, and the finale with the violinist strutting the runway! <3

Q: What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?
A: My advice to future couples, APPLY FOR A FREE WEDDING! lol If that fails, take it slow.. I immediately jumped head first the moment I got engaged and by the 2nd month of engagement I WAS COMPLETELY BURNED OUT! Also keep in the mind the wedding is one day, it’s all about the marriage that follows that wedding. Another piece of advice… The guest list is the worst part to get done so do that first!!! Lastly, cherish every moment with your future husband… the day after your wedding it’s always so fun to laugh at all the “dumb” arguments you had about little things like seating arrangements, flowers, table cloths, and even chairs! Best of luck and God bless! xs&os






Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography //   Event Designer & Coordinator: David Tutera //   Lighting/AV Designer: Amber Event Production //   Personal Stylist: Carrie Purser Hair & Make Up Artistry //   Seamstress: Focus on the Bride //   Cake Designer: Modern Bite //   Invitation Designer: Paper Crew //   Floral Designer: Studio Fiore Designs //   Reception Venue: Vibiana