Creative minds from all over the states, Canada and Germany traveled to take another step towards their dream of arranging flowers at the 2014 Team Flower Workshop.  They came as strangers and left as friends.  Around the table they shared stories and dreams, each profoundly impacted by the presence of the rest.  The arrangements you see here were created by the group, and I set each place with a sprig of English Lavender, a symbol of the peace and calmness I wanted to fill their hearts as they went back to their work and homes.  I like to design with a purpose in mind, incorporating simple elements (in this case lavender) that reflect something deeper.

Our next workshop will be hosted in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina in the Spring of 2015 and we have ten relevant sessions planned, one being “The Creative Process” where you can learn to design deeper, using simple things around you to tell a story and encourage the world.  Learn more here.  Beginners are welcome!