It’s wedding planning season, and one of the biggest things that most brides worry about is how to dress their bridesmaids. Planning is already hard, imagine having to figure out how to pick out gowns that fit all different taste in styles, and different body types. This is where the newly launched, incredibly smart bridesmaids services Evening Collective comes in.

When I was planning my wedding a few years ago I wish there was such a service. Not only does Evening Collective has a beautiful range of color shades and a luxurious collection of fabrics to choose from for the brides BFFs, but their incredible customer service is what they’re known for. The company was born right in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. Thus, it was so important that they created a brand and gowns that reflected the quality that the neighborhood is known for. They are so in tuned with the needs of a bridesmaid because they know that a bridesmaids dress is more than a dress itself. It’s about the entire experience.

Our goal was simple: bring the beauty and artistry of master dressmaking into the bridesmaid experience, with a price that won’t add any stress to your wedding.

Curious to know what makes Evening Collective so unique? Say hello to their amazing online experience:

It’s your big day, and we’ve got you covered. We want you and your bridal party to look great, feel great, and have the time of your lives. Finding the perfect dress should be fun, even easy, and we’re here to help. Long gone are the days of scrolling through an endless gallery of bridesmaids dresses. You won’t get overwhelmed by the options and the process here! With Evening Collective’s virtual and interactive gown showroom, you and your girls can now team up to find the perfect gowns! Shopping online together makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a real boutique, bringing the fun back into bridesmaids dress shopping. You can have the gowns shipped to the comforts of your home. Just choose your samples, throw a “try on” and return within 7 days.


Being a curvier girl, having size options is so important to me. So when I heard Evening Collective has over 42 styles in sizes 0-30, and 39 color options to choose from, I was elated that the sky’s the limit for curvier girls like myself on how so many can style their girls on wedding day.

Scared to commit? (We hope the same doesn’t go for the bride!) Order a few samples before deciding on your size. We know that choosing a dress can be a very big commitment and for such a special day, you want it to look and fit perfectly! That is why we have also created a sample service that allows for our bridesmaids to try on any style and size of dress at home for up to 7 business days! It is just $15 for a sample, and only $25 for two samples so that you can compare size and style without the guessing game!

Your Personal Stylist

Evening Collective knows that every bridesmaid is unique, so that’s why they have a team in place to help guide each girl to the perfect gown. Whether you need help selecting the perfect color, or need guidance on the best style for any specific body type, the styling experts are there to help.

We started the Evening Collective because we saw something missing. We’re NYC natives working in the heart of the Garment District, so obviously, we love fashion. But we saw that no matter how much you love fashion, being a bridesmaid was one of the quickest ways to hate shopping for a dress. Everywhere you look, you find ugly styles, frustrating websites, and confusing options, all while you’re juggling a group of bridesmaids with different body shapes, skin tones, and tastes.

With that in mind, we talked to tons of brides and bridesmaids, listened to both their love stories and their horror stories, and set out to create a new experience that takes away both the frustration and the frumpiness. Evening Collective is all about beautiful bridesmaid dresses, but it’s incredibly important to us that the process of buying dresses should be easy, social, and fun with lots of ways to coordinate and share your dresses and ideas with the party.

Our expert stylists want you to feel like they are shopping with you every step of the way. By gaining information about your personality, body type, sizing, and bridal party, they are able to help make sure that you are getting the perfect dress!

Passion for Quality and the Environment. 

Each bridesmaids dress is made to order (without the high price tag) which means that personal attention and detail goes into every gown. So when you’re shopping Evening Collective, you know you’re shopping quality. Since they specifically choose not to mass produce their gowns, you can also feel good that you’re not making an environmental impact.

We’re passionate about quality materials. Affordable, beautiful dresses don’t need to be made from cheap fabric. We source only the best materials and showcase the latest trends, cutting cost without sacrificing quality. We cut out the middleman to deliver made-to-order dresses direct from the factory, saving your bridesmaids money on dresses that still look and fit great.

We’re passionate about quality workmanship. We design our dresses to last, even if they’re meant for a single night. We believe in creating dresses that look great, fit well, and won’t let your bridesmaids down no matter what they put their dresses through. We fit test every style and craft every dress to meticulous, uncompromising standards so you and your bridal party don’t have to worry about anything once you put your dresses on.