Equestrian Bridal Session in Tennessee




I love hearing stories about how couples meet. There’s always that one common theme, it happened at right place at the right time, and usually when they weren’t expecting it. I call it divine timing and serendipitous. As for myself, it was not until I met my husband that I come to find out that we had so many missed opportunities that we could have met. For example, I didn’t know he went to the same high school I was supposed to go to. I didn’t know he worked at the same hospital I volunteered at. Lastly, we met in college which is 30 minutes from my home, but it was to our surprise that we actually lived 5 minutes from each other. Crazy right?! I guess, when you’re destined to be together, it will happen in a matter of time, especially when you least expect it.

And this photoshoot of a bridal session in Colorado is not so different. It’s a true story about a girl who falls in love with a Tennessee farm boy. So cute! I don’t know much about the details but from just a snippet of it, I’m already intrigued. Tell me, I want to hear your story. How did you and your boyfriend or now fiancé meet? Was it serendipitous? Spill it girl. I can’t wait to read all about it! – Lucia

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SOURCES: Photographer: Katherine Stinnett Photography //  Florals: Alexandra Hansen //  Location: Private Residence