From the groom… After spending 5 and a half years with Kayla I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Being a lawyer, I thought it would be clever to, “subpoena” Kayla to spend the weekend with me. On Friday night I took her to dinner, where we shared a perfect night in each other’s company. We had dinner at a local restaurant and we walked under the giant Christmas tree. Of course, Kayla was aware that something special was soon to happen. While I had the engagement ring, I had planned to pop the question the next morning. I had a special, more intimate, date planned for the love of my life. As Friday night’s date had come and gone I knew that Saturday would be a day neither of us would ever forget.

I arranged for a boat, complete with our own personal captain, to take the two of us out on the Intracoastal waterway. I packed a picnic basket complete with wine and snacks. The captain took us on a tour of the Intracoastal, which led to our ultimate destination, a secluded beach on the north end of the waterway. Now it was slightly rainy and overcast that day, which actually worked to my advantage. Due to the weather, the beach was empty. When we walked over the dunes to the ocean side of the beach, we saw that we had what was essentially our own private island all to ourselves. There could not be a more perfect setting for what would be one of the best moments in both our lives. I laid out the blanket and we had some snacks before I asked Kayla to take a walk on the beach. It was right there, on that private beach, where I got down on one knee and asked Kayla, the absolute love of my life, to spend the rest of her life with me. Luckily, she said yes!