DIY Paper Flowers from Handmade by Sara Kim

Happy Friday! We’re so ready for the weekend! As a matter of fact, Lucy already started her weekend yesterday at the Designer Vaca with other pretty pixel pushers in Palm Springs! Can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets back! She totally deserves it, after putting up all the vendor profiles for our MATCH MADE guide. We’re still adding new ones every week, so make sure to keep checking back! In fact, we’ve just invited a new batch of vendors that we felt are totally MATCH MADE material. Can’t wait to share them with you.


Talking about MATCH MADE material, last week we blogged about a beautiful classic wedding from The Little Branch that featured these pretty paper flowers from Handmade by Sara Kim. And I know a lot of you wanted to see how these lovelies were made. We first published this DIY in our Issue no. 17, but we can all use a refresher course! So here goes!

• glue gun
• scissors
• paper in different sizes


STEP 1: Cut 4 small circles, 4 medium circles and 4 big circles (ranging between 3-4 inches)


STEP 2: Cut the side up to the middle for all the circles.


STEP 3: Glue the cut corner from one side to the other. Make sure to overlap the smaller circles more than the bigger circles.


STEP 4: Glue each circle on top of each other starting with the small circles creating the first layer and curl the edges of each circle to create more of  petal look.


STEP 5: Punch out 2 circles with different colors and cut thin lines up to the middle around the circle. Glue the 2 circles in the middle together. Curl the ends around the circle and glue them in the center of the flower.


STEP 6: Punch 1 more circle and glue on the bottom of the flower for a finished look.


BIG TIP: For bigger paper flowers, cut bigger circles and follow the same directions.



I really enjoyed putting together this DIY Flashback post starring my little girl from 2 years ago. Her expression captures just how much we love these paper flowers!

We hope you enjoy making these pretty paper flowers for your parties and weddings. Have a lovely weekend!

– Henny

Photography by Connie Lyu