DIY Friday :: Lace Love Banner and Matching Lace Hearts

Hi there, lovelies! Sara here from Handmade by Sara Kim! For today’s DIY Friday, I’m going to share with you how to make some super fun and quick props for your engagement shoot! I had the pleasure of helping Grace and Sean style their engagement photoshoot with M & V Photography. I wanted to make props that would not only match the background at the engagement shoot but also their wedding color theme, so I decided to make a lace love banner with matching lace hearts. It was perfect for their fall wedding.

L A C E  L O V E  B A N N E R



– scissors
– glue gun
– hemp yarn
– white lace (1 yard)
– any fabric with the color scheme you like (1/2 yard)

Step 1: Cut a triangle pattern out of cardstock paper then cut triangles with the white lace using the pattern.
Step 2: Cut out your “LOVE” letters with the other fabric .
Step 3: Glue the letters on to the triangles.
Step 4: Cut about 50 inches of the hemp yarn.
Step 5: Lay out the letters in order and glue the hemp yarn on the back of each triangle leaving about an inch in between each triangle.
Step 6: Add embellishments in between each letter with paper flowers or ribbons.



L A C E  H E A R T S

With the extra fabric you can cut out hearts and after gluing halfway, stuff them with pillow stuffer. Seal all the way with glue and add a stick on the bottom.


And TA-DA! You’ve got yourself some really cute props for your shoot! Enjoy!

xoxo, Sara K.