DIY Friday :: Chocolate Spoon Favors

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since we do a DIY Friday, so I thought it’d be nice to share a cute favor idea. For A Soolip Wedding last week, we wanted to put something fun and sweet in their swag bag, so we decided on wooden chocolate spoons! We got wooden spoons and lots of embroidery thread in shades of purple to match the Soolip colors (a great alternative to ribbons which can cost significantly more) and created watercolor tags. We were originally going to make these ourselves, but with the Leap Year Party the same week, it was just too ambitious (since we’d have to make 500 of them!). We were lucky enough to have E-N-R Creations make the chocolate spoons for us. Here’s how it turns out. Won’t these make a super cute favor?


These spoons are pretty easy to make if you have the time and help. They’d be cute at a bridal shower too! Here’s an instruction on how to make these sweet favors by the Wicked Noodle. Enjoy!