{DIY} Cupcake Wrapper Tutorial by Snow & Graham

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Snow & Graham. I first discovered Snow & Graham a few years ago while shopping for Christmas cards and have been hooked ever since. I love their simple prints and impeccable letterpress. They recently started a blog where they share their inspiration, finds and fun treats like this cupcake wrapper tutorial.


The directions are SUPER easy and Snow & Graham were wonderful enough to provide a nifty template to help guide you along.

You’ll need:

A pencil
Decorative Scissors (optional)
Wrapping Paper
Tape (two sided for extra credit)
Project #3310 Template


How To:
Download their Project #3310 sheet * * *right here* * * and print out at 100%. Cut along the lines to create your template. Trace the template on the back side of the wrapping paper. Cut the wrapping paper along your traced lines. Trim the top edge of the wrapper with decorative scissors. Tape the two ends together. Repeat as needed.

I highly recommend using their paper to make these wrappers (you can find their paper at Paper Source) because their designs are so pretty and fun.

Happy crafting!

[Images via Snow & Graham)



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