Dark, moody, and romantic. Oh, the ebs and flows of what real love is like. You have your happy and light moments, and there are those moments where it’s deep, raw and emotional. This is why I am so excited when I see a lot of wedding creatives branch out to explore the moodier side of love. I do love sharing a styled shoot that’s soft, light and ethereal, but once I saw this shoot photographed the The Happy Bloom, it was so refreshing to my eyes. I’ve been really appreciating richer tones and images and this was exceptional.

You know, I truly love what we do. My title might be editor, curator, creative director but I’m really a connector. Because with every post, I want to encourage and inspire you to connect you to your potential. To challenge you to branch out, break down the fears and reach far for your inspiration. Go deep and connect to what fires you up. To tell you the truth, it’s in those moments that your best work will propel you forward.