Crate & Barrel Finds

Now, I’m not getting married (or anywhere near getting married!), but I loves me a party – especially throwing one.  Usually these parties involve incorporating ideas that I’ve seen on wedding blogs: candy/dessert buffets, favors, lighting, invitations, etc. etc., so I’m always on the lookout for templates, decor, and accessories that I can use now and on my big day.  Yesterday I went to Crate & Barrel and found/bought a couple of wedding-inspired things that I thought I’d share with you.  If you like to throw parties, many of these items will surely come out again and again!


Hanging Scoop: Genius idea!! These nifty scoopers will look lovely hanging from glass jars filled with lots of colorful candy. I personally bought 4…I should have bought more because I know I’ve collected more than 4 big jars (thank you Marshalls!) reserved for my candy buffet 😉 They may look small, but they hold a decent amount of candy – my mom was skeptical, but luckily they had a jar filled with m&ms in the store (I swear my mom would provide ladles for the candy buffet). AND they’re stainless steel…many of the scoopers I usually see are cheap plastic ones…these are NICE 🙂


Beverage Jar/Stand: These are on the more pricey side, but I think these beverage/jar stands always look so cute at a rustic or outdoor wedding filled with colorful drinks. I like how these are a bit raised so that the cup can actually fit under the stand.


Mesh Wire Candleholder: These would look great sitting pretty on a table or hanging from a ceiling (C&B also sells a 36″ chain for you to hang these on). I think these would be great for a small, backyard wedding. Plus, you can resuse them for a chic outdoor BBQ or intimate dinner with friends.


French Fry Holder: C&B sees french fries in these holders…I see caramel popcorn! My mom fell in love with these and actually bought 10 for our dessert tables (she thinks people will take them with them to their seat, while I think they’ll just take the paper cone…what say you?).

What do you guys think – can you see yourselves buying some of these for your wedding and using them after?

[Images via Crate & Barrel]