Call for Submissions


Calling all photographers, wedding planners, brides, and everyone else in between! Issue No. 007 is our last issue to celebrate 2009. So we have a challenge for you!  We’re looking for the best photos and/or videos that have touched you in a special way, that have made you go awww, that have blown your mind and go wow!, and may have moved you to tears of  joy, laughter or because of a special loving moment. We’re looking for photos or videos that’s packed with emotions! Show us a bride reading a letter from her husband-to-be just moments before their wedding, the ridiculous pose from a photobooth that made you laugh so hard you cried, the expression on a man who just married the love of his life, and any other special intimate moments that have been caught on camera. We want to see them! We also accept pranks, silly moments, sweet vows, love letters and speeches. Please send your submissions by December 29 to with a subject line: TEAR JERKER!

*Note: All submissions will be subject to approval prior to publication.