Call for entry: Deadline May 28, 2010

Calling all brides and grooms, and everyone with old photo albums. We want to recreate our parents wedding ideas! Or their parents, or their parents, or even their parents, if photography… even goes back that far. Our next issue is going to be all about blasts from the past! We want some serious inspiration and that starts with you and the photos that you are going to supply us with.


Maybe your mother got married in a short sleeved calf-length dress in 1957. Maybe your father wore a blue tuxedo in 1978. Maybe your grandmother wore a hand-me-down dress from the 1800s. Maybe your aunt got married on the beach in Maui in the early 80s. Maybe you just remember seeing the streamer-decorated wedding hall that your parents got married in. Maybe you have photos from your grandparents ceremony at city hall.

Well, believe it or not, we want any of these photos and more! 

If you want us to be inspired by these incredible moments in your life, or the lives before yours, submit photos to us! Facebook, Tweet, Comment, E-mail us to, there is really no excuse to not be able to contact us!

Send us your photos with a little information about each, and find out if you inspire us enough to make 
it onto the pages of our magazine!


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