Borrow Me Wedding Gowns with Kirstie Kelly


Shopping for your wedding gown is one of the most exciting time when planning your wedding. But it can start to get quite stressful when you’re having trouble finding the right one. So when we found out about wedding gown designer Kirstie Kelly’s “Borrow Me” program we just had to tell you about it!


Kirstie Kelly is an amazing couture wedding designer who’s purpose is to create beautifully tailored pieces in which women — no matter what their body type or stage of life — will feel and look amazing. And when she created the “Borrow Me” program you can get a really good sense that the intention behind the program was to allow women everywhere to feel comfortable and to bring the intimacy back into finding the right dress. Some wise words from Kirstie’s website, “Take your time and really enjoy the experience of being a bride.”


So what is this “Borrow Me” program? It is what is says. Brides, you can borrow any of Kirstie’s gowns directly from her website and try it on in the comfort of your own home. And it’s quite easy too. You just enter your measurements, and then the dress will be shipped to them for a flat rate of $35. Brilliant idea! They will ship anywhere, allowing brides from all over the country to have access to her gowns! And what’s even better, you can keep the gown for 48 hours, which includes a return shipping in the initial flat rate. And if you need a little assistant on deciding what gown to go for or if you have any  other questions, their stylists can guide you through the entire process, and are available through phone and email to answer any questions you might have. And after 48 hours of lounging, “sleeping” and falling in love with the gown, you can purchase the dress directly through their website! Isn’t it great?! Love it. And Kirstie Kelly is the only designer in the country that’s doing this program. If you’re craving a more intimate experience with their family and friends, this would be so perfect for you!



Photos by Chris & Kristen Photography /  Wedding Gowns from Kirstie Kelly