I come from a family of strong women. My closest girlfriends are incredible women that I admire; from doctors, artists, entrepreneurs to mothers. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “The future is female.” But I truly believe, the future is female and brighter ONLY when women gather to create beauty; magical things happen. Embracing community over competition. Celebrating the imperfections in each other. Where we rather give, empower and uplift than down play each others strengths. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Together with an incredible talented group of women from Maine, photographer Emily Delamater and planner and designer, Paula, created this beautiful shoot on an exclusive island in Casco Bay. A shoot inspired by the chaos in the unkempt.

“Many things in the wedding industry tend towards a seeking of perfection and order and we really wanted to explore the other side of that coin. So was born “A Beautiful Mess” a smashed cake on the ground, lipstick on a wine glass, messy hair and wind and salt water, food strewn about, unruly and abounding. We chose this incredible historical fort in Casco Bay called Fort Gorges, which can only be accessed at high tide and still with caution. It is like a stone fortress rising out of the water, and seems to exist in a time all it’s own. A circle of arched walls with a large open field in the center, we loved that nature seemed to have half taken over the space. Vines grow on the walls and creep into the exterior rooms. We wanted to work with the space instead of against – embracing and adding to the beauty of the mess instead of avoiding it.”

From the florist:

I loved the chance to honor the bacchanal through overflowing, unrefined, and novel florals in this high-summer photo shoot. The super saturated palette of deep reds and pinks recalled spilled wine, lipstick kisses, cake smears, and cracked-open lobsters. I was able to forage onsite for the pink and green foliage in the bridal bouquet and ceremony site to help anchor the goddess bride model to the tiny island location. These are definitely florals for the young, wild, and free.

Planning & Concept A Family Affair of Maine | Photographer Emily Delamater Photography | Location Fort Gorges | Floral Designer FIELD Floral Studio | Calligraphy & Paper Goods Dancing Ink Calligraphy | Hair & Makeup Reeve Baker | Catering Maine Lobsterbake Co. | Specialty Salt Salt Cellar | Cakes Autumn Nomad | Boat Transportation “Committed II” Sport Fishing & Charters | Wedding Gown Vintage | Jewelry Coco corral at Loving Anvil | Hair Accessories Emma Katzka Bridal | Rentals A Family Affair of Maine | Wine Fiber and Vine